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Match Sat 29 Oct 2005 Hibernian 2 Hearts 0
Comp SPL
Venue Easter Road
Manager John McGlynn (Caretaker)
Ref John Underhill
Hearts -----
Opponents [G Buezelin 78] ;[G O'Connor 80]

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001 Guardian Michael Walker Report An icy resolve that has set Hearts beating
002 Scotsman Ronnie Esplin Report Jankauskas relishes 'friendly' derby
003 Scotsman Paul Kiddie Report McGlynn backs Neilson for cap call-up
004 Scotsman David Hardie Report No chance of hot Hearts catching us cold a second time, says Mowbray
005 Scotsman David Hardie Report Hibees keen to emerge from Hearts' shadow
006 Scotsman Paul Kiddie Report Derby holds no fear for Fyssas
007 Scotsman Barry Anderson Report Outcome is just too close to call
008 Scotsman None Report Dream team for Hearts
009 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate Report Hartley insists that the title is not turning into a two-horse race
010 Scotsman Alan Pattullo Report Tinkerman tailored to meet Romanov's high expectations
011 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate Report Ranieri believes Hearts are a 'good project'
012 Scotsman Aidan Smith Report Trying to stay buoyant in a suspicious sea of maroon
013 BBC None Report Capital cracker for Easter Road
014 Daily Record Tam Cowan Report THIS WILL BORE YANKS OFF ME
015 Daily Record Gary Ralston Report MCGLYNN SWIPE AT PUNDITS
016 Daily Record Gary Ralston Report THETHAI' S THE LIMIT
018 Telegraph Roddy Forsyth Report Cool heads rule at Hearts
019 Times Phil Gordon Report Ranieri 'not first choice' for Hearts
020 Times Phil Gordon Report Hartley in bid to talk himself out of a jam
021 Scotsman None Report Hibernian 2-0 Hearts
022 Sunday Herald Michael Grant Report Hibernian 2-0 Hearts
023 BBC None Report Hibernian 2-0 Hearts
024 Telegraph Simon Hart Report Pressure's on to find new king of Hearts
025 Observer Patrick Glenn Report Beuzelin finally breaks Hearts
026 Times Douglas Alexander Report Beuzelin bursts the bubble
027 Times None Report Youthful exuberance tames Hearts beast
028 Times Douglas Alexander Report There's not one manager who can be given a free hand to do the Hearts job on his own'
029 Scotsman Moira Gordon Report So Mr Foulkes? Title chase ain't a two-horse race now
030 Scotsman Ben English Report The sun shines on Leith
031 Scotsman Tom English Report Hope for broken Hearts
032 Scotsman Aidan Smith Report Dr Hibee, Mr Jambo
033 Scotsman Jim Duffy Report Mowbray is the jewel in the crown of team with no weak links
034 Scotsman Andrew Smith Report When a hands-on chairman's touch gives a manager a bad feeling
035 Sunday Mail Gordon Waddell Report IT ALL ENDS IN HEARTACHE
037 Sunday Mail Ewan Smith Report FYSSAS: I LOST 4 GAFFERS IN A SEASON
038 Sunday Mail Gordon Waddell Report ED CASE COST US RECORD
040 Sunday Herald Stewart Fisher Report Hibs fans win the Edinburgh song contest
041 Sunday Herald Michael Grant Report Anderton vows to pay top dollar for best manager
042 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate Report Derby win undermines Hibs' protestations of modesty
043 Guardian Ewan Murray Report Hearts' desire for new direction intensifies after limp derby show
044 Telegraph Roddy Forsyth Report Keegan rumours discounted with Hearts in no hurry
045 Daily Record Gary Ralston Report SKACEL'S A FAINTHEART
046 Times Phil Gordon Report Hearts broken
047 Herald Darryl Broadfoot Report Hibernian 2 - 0 Hearts
048 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate Report Hearts home in on dream ticket of Robson and Carver
049 Scotsman Paul Kiddie Report Expect a tale of the Unexpected
050 Scotsman Barry Anderson Report Derby drama is unbeatable
051 Scotsman David Hardie Report Hibs' silent assassins hit Hearts hard
052 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate Report Sudden removal of Anderton plunges club into uncertainty
053 Scotsman Graham Bean Report Foulkes departure confirms Romanov has gone too far
054 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate And Ewan Murray Report Ousted Foulkes turns on Romanov after ruthless sacking of Anderton
055 Herald Rob Robertson Report The night the laughing ended
056 Herald Neil Drysdale Report Shining knight to dark night
057 Herald Raymond Duncan Report Hearts fans stunned as top two executives leave club
058 Herald Martin Greig Report European success vital for Romanov
059 Herald Kevin Ferrie Report Once bitten... Anderton limps away
060 Herald Mark Wilson Report Public face of Tynecastle revolution turns away
061 Times Phil Gordon Report Romanov's revolution claims two more victims
062 Telegraph Roddy Forsyth Report Hearts reel as Romanov installs son as chairman
063 Daily Record David Mccarthy Report CRUMBLING - TYNECASTLE IN TURMOIL
064 Daily Record James Traynor Report COUP'S NEXT FOR NEXT FOR THE CHOP
065 Daily Record Jack Mathieson Report STUNNED FAITHFUL FLOCK TO GORGIE
067 BBC Roddy Forsyth Report Hearts in turmoil as duo depart
068 Guardian Ewan Murray Report Hearts in turmoil as chief executive and chairman depart
069 SKY Tom Adams Report Foulkes slams Romanov
070 Scotsman Barry Anderson Report How did it come to this Mr Romanov?
071 Scotsman Paul Kiddie Report They don't realise what they've done'
072 Scotsman Paul Kiddie Report Deans set to demand a showdown with Romanov
073 Scotsman Paul Kiddie Report Stabbed in the back
074 Scotsman Alan Pattullo Report Only the haircut is scary as baby-faced assassin makes a mature entrance
075 Scotsman Stephen Mcginty Report Hearts bleed as football's white knight wields knife
076 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate Report I laughed as Little Romanov said he should replace me'
077 Scotsman Richard Moore Report Fans urged not to sell shares to Lithuanian
078 Scotsman Graham Bean Report Romanov vows 'dictator' father will be with Hearts for up to ten years
079 Herald Darryl Broadfoot Report Romanov attempts to allay fans� fears
080 Herald George Foulkes Report �We supporters are caught between a rock and a hard place . . .�
081 Herald Mark Wilson Report Hearts investors to put Romanov on the spot
082 Herald Darryl Broadfoot Report Romanov Jr says Anderton had to go
083 Guardian Ewan Murray Report We won't walk out on Hearts, say Romanovs
084 Telegraph Roddy Forsyth Report Robson has change of Hearts
085 BBC Chick Young Report Chick Young's column
086 Daily Record Euan Mcarthur Report CHISHOLM FEARS A HEARTS BACKLASH
087 Times George Caulkin Report Tynecastle turmoil leads to forecast of revolution
088 Guardian Simon Hattenstone Report Heartless Romanov deserves all he gets
089 Scotsman Ewan Murray Report Joint statement sees fans sit on the fence
090 Herald Martin Greig Report Romanovs may have to replace more than just their manager
091 Herald Martin Greig Report Anderton was ready to resign before sacking
092 Scotsman Stuart Bathgate Report Robson takes step back as sackings raise serious doubts over Hearts
093 Scotsman Darren Johnstone Report Fedotovas defends Romanov junior
094 BBC Clive Lindsay Report Who is Vladimir Romanov?
095 Daily Record Gary Ralston Report GIVE YOUR HEART ONE MORE TIME
096 Scotsman Mike Aitken Report Deans vows to give Romanov a grilling
097 Times Gary Jacob Report Robson doubts over Hearts job
098 SKY None Report Skacel: No Hearts crisis
099 Scotsman Ewan Murray Report Romanov ups ante in bid for full control

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