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Pressley prepared to be patient

Hearts captain Steven Pressley insists there will be "no ultimatum" aimed at majority shareholder Vladimir Romanov when talks are held to discuss recent events.

The Tynecastle chief will meet members of the playing squad as speculation increased that head coach Graham Rix was not selecting the team - and Romanov was.

But the 32-year-old desperately wants to see clarification offered to the squad as they chase a place in the Champions League and Tennent's Scottish Cup glory.

Pressley said: "Before we make any bold and rash statements, we have to hear what Mr Romanov's take on the situation is and it's important the players go into any talks with an open mind.

"Let me stress - we are not indulging in gunboat policy here, no-one is issuing ultimatums. We all know Vladimir is with the players and the coaching staff in only wanting the best for this club and we all want to be free to focus on our goals and objectives to the benefit of Hearts in the coming months as we chase silverware and a Champions League spot.

"I am sure our talks will be constructive; they have to be for the good of the club. That is the most important aspect to remember in all of this. It's about Hearts as a whole, not individuals."

But the Scotland international also wants Rix to stay at the Edinburgh club. Pressley said: "It also goes without saying that we all desperately want Graham Rix to remain at the club, not only because we respect him highly as a coach, but also because it is important we have stability around the place - especially in the months ahead when we will hopefully have so much to look forward to.

Not much to smile about

"There has been little to smile about in the last few days, but I couldn't help but spread a wry grin momentarily across my face as I drove home yesterday afternoon, wondering if I could file a lawsuit against the club for emotional damages when I eventually leave Tynecastle.

"We read so often about employees in other industries suing for stress-related conditions so maybe I should give it some thought because my eight years as a Jambo have been packed with incident."

Pressley added in his weekly column for the Daily Record: "No date has yet been set for our talks, but we hope they will take place to the satisfaction of everyone involved as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, Scottish Managers and Coaches Association chairman Alex Smith has voiced concern over events at the club.

And he is urging the Scottish Football Association to investigate the current situation. Smith told the Daily Record: "George Burley and John Robertson were members of the Association and were badly treated by Romanov.

"Now it's Graham Rix's turn to be undermined and this kind of behaviour cannot be allowed to go on. Where will the game be if entrepreneurs want to buy up clubs and then pick the team themselves?"

Smith added: "Romanov is not qualified to do the jobs he wants to do at Tynecastle and that is where the SFA can probe any infringement of FIFA regulations regarding properly qualified coaches.

"I regard what has gone at the club this season as bringing Hearts into disrepute."

Reader comments (1)

Smart and constructive words from Steven Pressley as that is the best way forward to solve the situation and get the best way forward for the Football Club.

If however Graham Rix accepted the position with the possibility of not having the full say in choosing the Team he thinks is right, then he really has dug a big hole for himself and should be also honest with everyone when he has the meeting.

Mr Romanov really has been painted a bad picture by the media, which could well be a very untrue image of him so it will give him the chance to put his views forward on a face to face with everyone and who knows he might just come out of this smelling of roses as his HEART must have some feeling for HEARTS otherwise he would not put himself through all this stress and unjust things being said about him.

Hopefully all is resolved and Hearts can get on and concentrate on playing good football again.

- Harry Thomson, copenhagen denmark

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