Jim Cruickshank

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Player Nominated

Jim Cruickshank

Nominated By

Davy Allan

Where Do You Live

Tonbridge Kent

Why nominated

Simply the best keeper I've ever seen. He looked the part. The yellow jersey, the thin moustache.

Memorable Matches

That penalty against in the 0-0 against Celtic. Tommy Gemmil came up and thumped it. I was so impressed I named my goldfish after him.

Other Comments

He should have been capped a lot more than a mere 6 times for Scotland. Especially when you think of the likes of Bob Wilson & Stewart Kenneday who got caps during that period.
He was capped late in his career in a 1-1 draw against Romania in 1976. The Romanian goal coming at the start of the second half. It wasn't captured on TV cause the BBC camera got stuck and couldn't show the Scotland half and the Romanians refused to pay for the TV coverage!