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Rab Prentice

Nominated By

John Findlay

Where Do You Live

Lovedean Hants

Why nominated

People go on about Neil McCann on the left wing but, he's only half the player Rab Prentice was. I have three particular memories of Rab's brilliance.

1, Playing for Scotland U23s against Denmark at Tynie, Rab gets the baw half way in the Danish half and then proceeds to beat four of them before scoring Scotland's fourth in a 4-1 victory. Brilliant

2. Against Hibs at Easter Road 76 or 78 not sure but, we were 1 down at the time(was most of the time in the 70s) Rab gets the baw just outside the penalty box with 5-7 minutes to go. jinx past 2 and slots in keepers(Mc Arthur?) bottom left hand corner to get us a point.

After I get home I pick up a pink to take to my Dad who is working as a security guard on the main entrance to Parsons Peebles. As I go to cross Crewe Road North and walk past Ainslie Park school (I am singing Bobby oh Bobby Prentice Bobby Prentice on the wing etc..) when round the corner come 5 boys, here my singing and inquire. Who do you support? It is then I notice there Green and Rafael scarves. Being the idiot I am reply Hearts, who do you think. One kicking later turn up at Dad's work with burst lip and keeker.

Father not impressed and say's I will not be allowed to go to anymore games, Ha! Proud to have taking a kicking because Rab still scored the goal.

3. Against Dundee at Tynecastle in 1-1 draw( I am sure it's the same game in which Thomson Allen saved the Busby thunderbolt penalty) Rab gets ball on the left touchline at half-way right by the shed and proceeds to beat 6 Dundee players on one of the maziest dribbles it has been my pleasure to witness gets to the D of the box at the school end and let's fly with his right peg! and the ball just clears the cross bar by no more than an inch, Allen rooted to his line didn't move. I categorically state if that had gone in it would have been the greatest goal I have ever seen. Even better than Maradonna's second against England at Mexico 86.

Davy Cooper was a great player, Rab Prentice was better. Yes I am biased but, so were the media towards Cooper because he played for Rangers.

Memorable Matches

Scotland's U23s V Denmark 1973?
Hibs v Hearts Easter Road 1976 or 1978?
Hearts v Dundee can't remember year 70s.

Other Comments

How he never got a full cap only the weedgie loving SFA/Media can answer. Brilliant left winger. Yes erratic at times but, still brilliant.


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