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Hearts Reserve Results

NB This is a 'Work in Progress' and incomplete due to
Source data still being researched
Fragmentary nature of some sources e.g. Minute Books and Programmes

Opponent names are generic suffixed by '2nd XI' for 'Reserves' , 'A' team etc

"Newman", "Junior" and "Triallist" players are uniquely identified by 'NEWMAN' followed a suffix of CCYY-MM-DD-pp
Where CCYY-MM-DD is date of match and pp is position (G,RB,LB,RH,CH,LH,OR,IR,CF,IL,OL)
If a "Newman" in same position plays in consecutive games assumption it is the same player

Pre 1938 Mostly Results Only
1885-86 to 1886-87 Sourced from Edinburgh Evening News - Friday Edition for Lineups and matches
1938-39 to 1944-45 Mostly Complete Sourced from Minute Books and Match Reports. NB two seasons had no games played.
1945-46 to 1950-51 Results Only
1951-52 to 1965-66 Mostly Complete Sourced from the Tommy Walker Team Selection Laminates
1966-67 Partially Complete sourced from Programmes
1967-68 to 1968-69 Results Only
1969-70 to 1975-76 Partially Complete sourced from Programmes
1976-77 to 1979-80 Results Only - Work in Progress on line ups
1980 Onwards Needs expanding for results and line ups

Reserve Results and Lineups
Reserve Results and Lineups by Season

Total no of Appearances and Goals should not be taken as being a "Club Record"

Reserve Players by Name
Reserve Players by Apps
Reserve Players by Goals
Reserve Players who PLAYED for First XI
Reserve Players who NEVER played for First XI

Brian McColl's record of Scottish Reserve League Competitions
Links open in new window
Part 1 1895-1945
Part 2 1945-1955
Part 3 1955-1975
Part 4 1975-date
Scottish 2nd Eleven Cup
County Cup Competitions for 2nd Elevens

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