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Vladimir Romanov blasts 'monkeys' in charge of Scottish football

• Romanov makes colourful attack on football establishment
• Hearts owner reiterates he will not put more money into Hearts, Thursday 5 January 2012 22.52 GMT

Vladimir Romanov, the owner of Hearts, has launched another colourful attack on the Scottish football establishment as he responded to what he called the "unwise" Scottish Premier League ruling on his club's failure to pay players on time.

Hearts paid the outstanding December wages on Wednesday, hours after the SPL handed them an ultimatum to do so by 11 January, but Romanov insisted the league knew that would happen as a fee was due from Wolverhampton Wanderers for the transfer of Eggert Jonsson.

Hearts have not directly responded to the SPL's directive to pay players interest on the three delayed payments and legal costs relating to the hearing, which was sparked by a complaint made by PFA Scotland on behalf of the first-team squad.

But Romanov reiterated he would not put more money into the club, putting the prospect of a timely payment of this month's wages on 16 January in doubt. And he renewed his attack on the media "monkeys" he claims control Scottish football.

In a statement on the club's official website, Romanov said: "As soon as Hearts moved closer to the third spot the monkeys start to squeal, lie and create conspiracy plots. I thought I had expressed myself clearly – I am selling the club and I am not going to give any more money away.

"It is pointless to support showbusiness, not football. Hearts is now living out of its own budget. Everyone knew, including players, media and SPL, that the wages are going to be paid as soon as the money was received for Eggert Jonsson, who was sold last year.

"But media still tried to create conspiracy plots about the team and managed to get a prompt and unwise decision from the SPL meeting, which the club asked it to postpone until next week in order to get opportunity to pay the wages. As such I have not cheated anyone.

"The monkeys tricked the SPL, fans and themselves and showed who is in charge of the football mafia."

Taken from the Guardian/Observer

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