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Put Irons in the firing line


29 Mar 1993

TO state that Davie Irons was outstanding for Partick Thistle on Saturday will not be an unfamiliar tale to those who follow the Maryhill club on a regular basis.

In fact there are some who don the red and yellow on a Saturday afternoon who have had the audacity to whisper behind a hand in public that the Scotland coach could further the nation's footballing cause by trudging up Firhill Road and having a close peek at the tall fellow in his central defensive role.

This would be an act of much foolishness by Mr Roxburgh -- who has more pressing matters with which to fill his time -- say most of the game's cognoscenti, for whom the thought of a Thistle player wearing the lion rampant on his chest is little short of absurd.

But it is the belief of some that if Irons had to go about his business for one of the more fashionable clubs, his claims for recognition at least might not be treated with such frivolity.

When Hearts strolled on to Firhill on Saturday, in their ranks was Craig Levein, whom Roxburgh has seen fit to include in his national plans on many occasions, the latest just a few days earlier when Germany were entertained at Ibrox.

The thing, though, was that if both players had not been pointed out to an onlooker who was gazing at the two teams for the first time, it is odds-on that it would be the elegant Irons who would have been chosen as the internationalist.

In his past life, in a midfield role, Irons was just a run-of-the-mill journeyman who would do his work without causing much comment, but after having been converted to the heart of the defence, he has turned into a class act who appears to enjoy playing his side out of difficulty as opposed to swinging a boot at the ball.

It must be stated, though, that all of the plaudits should not rest at Irons' feet.

Much determination and thought went into the Thistle display, so much so that, in the words of assistant manager Gerry Collins, they played their best football of the season in the early part of the match, in which Ray Farningham headed them into the lead.

And, according to Collins, his side's improved play is all down to casting the fear of relegation from their thoughts and taking a more relaxed approach.

There was nothing laid back about the contribution of Alex Taylor.

Indeed, many present were bewildered as to why Falkirk had recently shown the midfield player the door.

One would have thought that in the Brockville club's harrowing league position such players with talent would be made welcome.

Hearts' league position, too, is a cause for a different brand of concern.

Their people cherish the idea of playing against European opposition next season.

Taken from the Herald

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