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Tynecastle Memories


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The 4-4 game was brilliant and i can remember playing Celtic midweek and beating them in extra time with a goal from Robbo. Brilliant stuff as i was only a wee lad when we beat the tic

Leith Jambo

That Celtic game was a League Cup QF (I think) and was the game after we had 4 players sent off at Ibrox. Other than the victory it was most notable for Andy Thorn's performance and loads of people mistakenly thinking it was Gary Naysmith's debut.

My favourites in no particular order:

1-0 - Bayern
1-0 - Airdrie to win the 1st Division - I think Frank Liddell scored the winner about 5 mins from time. If it had been a draw we'd still have been promoted but Airdrie would have been champions
4-2 - Rangers in the SC about 10 years ago
4-4 - Hubs
2-1 - Celtic last season

Loads of others I guess

Worst - 0-3 to the Hubs a few years ago and the consecutive home draws with Killie, Motherwell and St Johnstone in 1997/8


1. Ian Ferguson's goal v. Bayern.

2. Robbo's winning free kick vs. Celtic in the cup

3. That Sunday after the Cup Final win.

4. 5-1 vs. Hibs

5. Some bloke behind me shouting in exasperation "Locke, yer like a man caught between two bus stops !!!"

6. Getting shown around the stadium by Gary Mackay one Sunday morning.

7. Scott Crabbe's goal v. Rangers one minute into the game.

8. The expression on the face of my Gooner pal when he spotted the blackbird sat on it's nest atop the cystern in the crowded old toilet block by the McLeod St. turnstiles (before the redevelopment). Not quite Highbury, I guess.

Oh, there's others....

FB. Nostalgia starts here

Gorgie Gav

My favourites in no particular order.

1. My first game.It was against Rangers. Finished 1-1, I was only 4 and since that day Hearts have been the team for me.

2. The 1-0 League cup game against Celtic.

3. The day after the 98 cup final.

4. Beating Hibs 2-1 to get into Europe on the last day.

5. Ricardo Fuller's wonder goal v Motherwell

6. The 5-1 game last season.

I could name a lot more but I would be here all day.


2-1 celtic
3-1 fuller v motherwell




For me its got to be Jose Quitongo's late equaliser against celtic in the 2-2 game the 97/98 season the celebrations were unbelievable that day!!!!!


Think that game finished 1 all smithy...if i recall

My favourite memories must be

That quitongo goal,


league cup against celtic wi robbos goal in extra time and the tims complainin about andy thorn playin 1 match for us

Willy jamieson's wonder goal against celtic

Mccans wonder goal against celtic last year

My first ever game a derby v hibs in about 91 robbo goal into burridge and we won 1-0

loads more but gona stop now cos cant see the screen for the tears lol


One that has nothing to do with the footie...

I was siting in the main stand on afternoon with my mate and his old man. Now, his old man is from England and sounds it, but has followed Hearts for years and years. When another particulary poor pass was made he shouted 'Come Hearts yuou can do better!' in his terriby posh accent. A couple of rows behind us, a guy piped up ' Get back tae Murryfield, ya [edited]!' - I was on the deck!

...someday soon he will be....


another memory has just come back to me, not so much good as ridiculous

I just remember 1 day goin along to tynie to see hearts v partick a few years back and we got stuffed about 5-1 i think it was(2-5) , nobody could believe it, very funny lookin back at it now.

Also the day we beat motherwell at home to stay up with a robbo double

Drew Busby

Strangely enough one of my favourites was standing in the urinating rain at the Gorgie End for the Atletico Madrid match, couldn't even get excited about the result as I was so soaking wet. For some reason that always sticks with me.

And the match after the sad death of the King when Hearts disgracefully didn't make a huge deal of it.


Robbo record
Wee Robbo smashing the goals record on last game of the season at home to Rangers.

Quitongo equaliser v Celtic

4-4 Hibs

2-1 Celtic

Scott Crabbe v Rangers

Graham Torrance

The European nights at Tynecastle have to be among the best memories of the old stadium. During the quarter final run in 1988-89, apart from the epic win over Bayern (remember Fergie's ripper of a free kick??), the 3-0 win over those bandits Velez Mostar was a great night.

Any win over the Old Firm and the vermin rate pretty high as well. There was a cracking 3-1 win over Celtic at Tynie under Joe Jordan which put us top of the table - George Wright, Scott Crabbe and I think our current manager scored the goals. I remember being in the old shed and finishing about 12 steps in front of where I'd started after the third went in!!

Remember the 3-2 Scottish Cup 3rd Round win over the huns during the '86 Cup Final run when Robbo slammed in a later winner - pure class.

Anyway, wherever we end up, we'll still have these great memories and hopefully some more from wherever we move to.


5-1 v Leipzig

Losing at home to Well in the early 80's when the fans rioted and Mercer nearly got his head knocked off by an iron bar

beating the Hibs 4-1 after THAT game

Donald Ford in goals v Clyde in a cup tie (there must be someone out there who remembers that !!)

37,000 (officially , anyway) crammed in for New Years game - couldn't breath.

Where the Kleenex


Also the day we beat motherwell at home to stay up with a robbo double

That was mental that day! people running onto the pitch! Like we just won somethin! christ, we jist avoided relegation on the last day. what a cr@p season that was.

good memories:-

Celtic cup tie wi half a team.

The shed

1992 game vs slavia prague (glynn snodins 1000 meter free kick)

just at the start of this season:- Billy Dodds decking himself with an attempted overhead kick! THAT was a P1sser!


Loads of memories from last season.

This should be a great thread over the course of the season.

not in any order.

1. Athletico Madrid game
2. Hibs 5-1 game
3. Hammering Dunfermline 7-1
4. Beating Rangers after winning the cup at tynecastle.
5. Celtic 2-1 (mccann last minute screamer)

Too many to mentions but im sure when Robert Lang writes his post on his memories


I just remember 1 day goin along to tynie to see hearts v partick a few years back and we got stuffed about 5-1 i think it was, nobody could believe it, very funny lookin back at it now.


5-2 was the score i think. Think i left with about 30mins to go it was so bad!

Terrible Trio

getting taken home by the polis age 7 v hibs in '71
gornik in the rain
texaco cup nights
game v hibs before the fences went up
dundee, highest 1st division attendence
motherwell - failing to go up
robbo's derby debut
qualifying for europe that season
many memorable euro nights
gubbing hibs frequently
mdv's derby debut
graham weir
the pie stands
the refreshment barrier
the scoreboard
the shed
seeing polis helmets fly through the air in the shed
standing having a slash up to your ankles in single fish

just some memories


1. beating Hibs 2-1 to get in to europe
2. Game v stuttgart we went out but great atmosphere
3. 5-1 game v hibs
4. 7-1 v dunfermline
5. 4-4 v hibs

100 years..haha

A game that always sticks in my mind, was back in the mid 80's against Rangers.

We were 2-0 down ( i think blooby Williamson even scored for Rangers that day. Anyway there was only about 3 mins left and we were still 2-0 down, then we suddenly got 1 back, then deep into injury time Robbo scoring with an over head kick from about 8/9 yards out. Tynecastle went bullistick, great game.

1-0 v Celtic Scottish Cup Game , Robbo's Free kick
3-1 v Celtic Henry Smith with a amazing save.
1-0 v Bayern / any of the UEFA Cup home games that season.
5-1 v the muppet men
4-2 v Rangers Scottish Cup game
3-2 v Rangers Scottish Cup 85/86 season
Sunday after the Scottish Cup WIN. Still get tears in my eyes.

There's too many i could write a book about all the memories.


for me 7-1 v pars,
nufc friendly 95,
day after cup final,my 1st time at tynie in 88 v dundee,stayin up v motherwell last game,


Has to be:-

First game - Beating Aberdeen in a League Cup tie about 1980ish. Chris Robertson I'm sure scored the winner that night.

Paying 50p to stand in the Gorgie Road End during the old Div 1 days.

The Shed - Some class bounces, sways and chants have come out of there over the years.

The 2-2 Rangers game scoring twice in last couple of minutes through O'Connor & Robertson.

Any time we beat the wee team

Caning Rangers 3-1 about 3 games into our first season pack in Premier League. This was about 4 days after they hounded us 3-0 in a League Cup tie at Tynie.

Robbos Free Kick against Celtic.

Dave Bowman playing in goals one night in a League Cup semi against Dundee while Henry was off park for treatment (and making a great save)

Willie Johnston scorching home a free kick to secure a point in out last home game at Tynie in first season back in Premier to secure European qualification.

Beating Bayern, Athletico Madrid, Dnipro and Bologna in European home games.

The small pie stands (someone dancing on the roof of hut when Robbos free kick went in against Celtic) and souvinier hut on the terracing behind the goals at the school end.

The sign above the Gorgie Road terracing as you turned down towards the entrances there.

There are just too many to remember and even more great moments you have probably forgotten.

Games I hated

Getting real hammerings of Rangers and especially Celtic (remember getting thumped 5-1 when MoJo played for them on a wet November-ish afternoon)

That little overrated muppet McStay about equalising with the last kick of the ball the first game of the 85/86 season when they deserved nothing from game.

Losing 3-0 to Hibs a few years ago.

Losing 1-0 to Hibs when Wheatfield Stand opened and ended our 22 in a row run.

Beating Clydebank 1-0 last home game of 85/86 and thinking we hadn't scored enough. The performance from the team was very nervous that day like it had been the week before s****ing a 1-1 with Aberdeen.

Losing to Airdrie 2 or 3 nil when Jordan was in charge but had a £20 bet at 11/2 on them. Our record against them at that time was honking.

Again there are lots of things you have hated but can't remember them.

Why doesn't one of the fanzines start collating stuff like this and go to a publishing house like terrace banter with the idea for a book written by the fans and some of our ex players of their memories of Tynecastle.

I'm sure it would do quite well.


7-1 v dunfermline
fullers wonder goal v motherwell
5-1 v hibs
2-1 v celtic last season

but my absolute favourite is 4-4 because I almost didn't make it to that game cos I had my apendix removed on boxing day! what a **** christmas that was! so against my mums wishes, having barely eaten for a week, and about a stone lighter I went to the game, and thank god I did
If my mum had make me stay at home and miss that I would have killed her!!


That little overrated muppet McStay about equalising with the last kick of the ball the first game of the 85/86 season when they deserved nothing from game.


And if they hadn't got that point.....

I was a ball-boy that day behine Bonner's goal. he got a little annoyed that I was trying to waste time towards the end of the game when the ball went behind the advertising boards. Gave me a mouthful, punted ball upfield, and they scored.....

Despised the guy after that.


So Many to choose from:
Games I went to, not in order of preference:

4-4, 5-1 vs Hibernian
2-0 vs Rangers (Pointon scored a 30yd raker, circa '96)
3-2 vs Stuttgart (damn Petric!)
2-1 vs Athletico Madrid
3-1 vs Motherwell (Fuller - best individual goal I've ever witnessed)
2-0 vs Dunfermline (last game of the '98 season - it was then I realised we had a great chance of winning the cup)
4-2 vs Slavia Prague (Glyn Snodin)

Unfortunately missed the 7-1 vs Dunfermline.

Best seen on telly:

4-2 vs Rangers League Cup (Donkey Dave's run and set-up for Kevin Thomas)
1-0 vs Celtic after the Famous Four at Ibronx
1-1 vs Celtic in the 97/98 season (José!)

Brings a tear to the eye!


For me -

Slavia Prague - an amazing roller coater game
Stuttgart - last 10 mins
Rangers 4-2 - Dave McPherson run
Celtic 3-1 - Henry Smith's save
May 17th 1998 !!
Scoring in the last minute v St Johnstone (1993 ish)
1st game of the SPL v Rangers 1998 and thinking last we are were going to repeat 97/98

Francis Albert

1968 Scottish Cup Q Final v Rangers, 44000 in the ground, Doanald Ford, 1-0


1998 I'm sure it was a mid-week game, Motherwell. Went 1-0 up and the atmosphere was immense...

Motherwell equalised and that goal was the one that effectively ended our title challenge.

Japanese Jambo

Everyone will have good and some bad memories of Tynecastle, maybe if we do move, someone should try and gather the best of them in a book to have a permanent record of the fans memories of Tynecastle.

Peter Tosh

I remember that. It's a bad memory and not a fav'. Hibs claimed to end our title bid but it was this game that ended it.


But there are so many;
5-1 Hibs ,the most recent,
I've also a great memory of gubbin Smelltic 4-1 on the last day of the season, the week after they won the league back about 1970ish. Ford and Jensen passing the ball along the goal line to each other, each inviting the other to pot it with the goalie stranded on his erse.

What about a Cruickshank penalty save against Gemmell,Lisbon Lion, of Celtic full-back fame around the same time.

The Leipzig 5-1 game and a Texaco victory against Burnley 5-0 I think ?

And a game against Rangers that we won 3-2 with the winner credited to Robertson but I saw him give Richard Gough a good shove in the back that put him, the ball and Goram all in the back of the net. Ha Ha Ha, I laughed so much .

There was a first match of the season we lost to St Johnstone 1-3( 70'ish) that produced a crazy march by thousands along Gorgie/Dalry that reached Haymarket before the polis got their act together and broke it up. No idea where we were goin or what we were goin to do but it didnt half gie them a fright. No bother, just laddies singin. Time for a few more good memories before we have to go.

Francis Albert

If folk memories are allowed - why not - here's one passed down by my mother - October 9th 1948, Willie Bauld's Tynecastle debut and the first appearance of the Terrible trio of Conn, Bauld and Wardhaugh.

The King (the original and one and only) scores a hat-trick in a 6-1 win over East Fife, then one of the strongest sides in the country. In the post-war gloom it was seen as a new dawn - and unlike all the false ones before and since this proved to be the real thing. Two championships, one cup and four league cups later (a poor return it was generally thought for their superority), I saw a contender for the end of the golden era - the 2-0 home defeat to Kilmarnock in front of 42,000 in the last game of the season in 1965 which meant we lost the league by 0.04 of a goal on goal average. That remains my worst Tynecastle memory - Hearts were expected to win in those days!

PS A certain derby game in 1973 doesn't rate for me as a worst memory. We didn't play that badly - should have been two up inside 10 minutes and dominated for a fair spell after half time. Seven breakaway goals as the late John Hargrieves used to say.

Francis Albert

Sorry just checked the facts - it was 4 breakaway goals and 3 blatantly offside


Another memory from me was the last game of the season when Flogel, Adam, Fulton and Fuller left the club and all the hearts fans stayed behind to clap etc! The basically was an end of a great era at hearts as 3 of them were from the cup winning team and fuller was just one of the most talented footballers ive seem play for hearts!

Worthing Jambo

Locomotiv Leipzig and a thousand other reasons we should stay.
Heart Of Midlothian and Tynecastle Park are one.
Don't let the money men poison our dreams and memories.
Just read the threads!!


Somebody mentioned on one of the more recent threads about memories of the shed, etc. I knew there was a thread going about a few months ago so I dug it out rather than start a new one....

I think it around the 92/93 season against Rangers and we were in the ground half an hour before kick-off. The place was pretty empty and we were watching the players warm up (Crabbo was blazing in shots from all over the place). This poor baldy headed chap was innocently walking along the terracing behind the goals when - SMACK! One of Crabbo's shots had sailed over the bar, dipped over the fence and hit this boy square on the side of the head sending him and his pie and bovril flying. The St Johns ambulance folk soon got him back to his feet and Crabbo apologised profusely but my mates and I were in fits of laughter! We still have a giggle about it even now.


Being an old 'g+t' i have too many to mention, but how many other 'old timers' on ''KB'' were also at Willie ( the original king ) Bauld's testimonial ? A very emotional night, one i shall never forget.


40 years of going to Tynecastle, too many great memories to write down at the moment (at work) but off the top of my head one really great one was beating Hibs 3-2 on our return to the premier league in '83.
more vodka this evening and I could be very nostalgic later on tonight!!


Too many good and bad to mention but up there amongst the best has to be Drew Busby rising majestically to burst the net with a header in the 5-1 demolition of Lokomotiv Leipzig.
I hope that I never have to rely on folklore and my own son can witness his own highs and lows following Hearts.
We have to make sure the Club survives!
Let the Hubs survive on fairy stories of the cup they won before anyone still alive was born.
At least we have lived the dream!


Could list and list, but the one that sneaks in at the top was by the greatest player ever to wear a Hearts jersey. Undervalued by many but appreciated by his team mates in particular John Robertson.
The man is of course Gary Mackay.
The date - 21st April 1986
The opponents - Clydebank
The crowd, in excess of 20,000
The goal - Cowie picked it up near the box on the shed side at the school end, moved it forward to Mackay, who from about the halfway line beat a couple of players then slammed it into the net - what a goal - what a moment.


for me the best memory was that league cup quarter final against celtic in September 1996. The 5-1 and 4-4 Hibs games will obviously live long in the memory as will the 4-2 Scottish Cup victory against Rangers.


Too many to mention but the one abiding memory was Fergies screamer against Bayern.
If there had not been a net there that night the ball would have taken my head off.


Sitting with my grandfather on the wooden benches in what is now the Wheatfield and feeling really something with the scarf he lent me and having an amazing day. I was 4 at the time and we beat Dundee Utd. I'm 27 now, he has been dead 10 years. Still have the scarf and one of the strongest memories of a great man. I will miss Tynecastle for this if no other reason.

tynie terror

lots of good memories been mentioned already so how about these

beating smelltic 4-1 in the late 60s with Mr Ford scoring two goals

beating Ayr United 2-1 after extra time in a cup replay at Somerset Park.

will think of some more later.


One of favorite moments was when a friend of mine( shall remain nameless but people who know him will know) ran on the park and tried to s#@g Gary Mcswegan after he scored against Celtic, 99-2000? We beat them 1-0, Hearts had just scored and mid-celebration my dad turned to me and said "that looks like ----- on the park." I said mid laughter "it is" only for ------ to get lifted by the police. What was even funnier was seeing his face when we got back to the bus. He kept saying "my dad will kill me". Class


I have memories too many to to mention having had an ST for some 30 years. Here’s a couple, might post more.

1. Lokomotiv game, running back to the Roseburn Bar, 3 double rounds Pint & Hauf, make the bus back to Broxburn, watched again with Alan Weeks doing the commentary.

2. An earlier game, can’t remember who it was against. Don Murray gets clobbered in their half near to the shed side of the ground, dusts himself down, takes the free kick which ends in corner for us. Taken from the main stand/school end corner, as the ball is in mid air and everyones watching the ball Big Don lays the offending player out with a haymaker that Tyson would have been proud of, the guys out cold, big Don wanders away like its got nothing to do with him, ref and linesmen totally confused, no action taken, brilliant.

3. Eric Schaedlers OG, the first in the revenge for THAT game back in ’73. I don’t know how he managed to find the back of the net with such aplomb! Laugh, I nearly wet meself, and most probably did…..

Big G

1. Picking up my mug and photo at the 1974 game when I had to get lifted over the turnstilles lol
2. standing up at the top near the canteen was, think it was probably between the gorgie stand and where the wheatfield stand meets.
3. 7 goals against Dunfermline.
4.taking my 6 year old nephew to his first Hearts game 2 years ago.
5. the walk from the Mill to the ground after a few beers
6. watching Hibs get put to the sword on numerous occasions.
Oh I dunno, the list could go on and on, hopefully, I'll be back there for another game and I can add to my list.....


my first derby game for me stands out was 3/9/83...we won 3-2 after being 1-0 and 2-1 down. 2 from Robbo and 1 from Jimmy Bone.

others (in no order)

4-2 scottish cup win v Rangers in 1995
5-1 game for obvious reasons
1-0 v Bayern in 1989
1-0 v Celtic in Dec 86

also enjoyed all the games when we were in 1st division. Think cos i was so young it seemed Tynie was a massive place at the time..


My favorite games where

The two derby matches last season

The 7-1 game against the Pars

The day after the Scottish cup final

When Robbo scored the 2 goals against Rangers at the end of 96/97 to break the record.


1st Game 6-1 v Morton ?1971 Donald Ford Hat-trick
3-2 v Hibernian after promotion
4-1 v Hibernian 1973
1-0 v Bayern
5-3 v Killie

Thats in the first few seconds. Too many to mention.
ooh. how could i forget the real shed before the benches were put in. The corner shed was never the same.


Sttutgart Game

Those 3 are my faves.


Best game of all:
Bayern Munich - Unbelivable!!!!

Although other ones were good as well:

Athletico Madrid - It was pouring with rain and I was in the Shed and everyone else on the Bus was in the Gorgie End and got soaked!!!
Clydebank - Do I remember right that it was George Cowie that scored that great goal a week before Dens?
Rangers - 4-2 in the Scottish Cup - I will always remember Dave McPhersons run!!!!

And many others!


Originally posted by heartsfan1978
Clydebank - Do I remember right that it was George Cowie that scored that great goal a week before Dens?


Gary Mackay got the goal at the gorgie road end


Slavia Prague was great - first game where I'd hugged a random stranger in a goal celebration.

5-1 for 5 very obvious reasons.

Running back into the stadium after the 2nd roar (and actually being encouraged to by the female steward!) as i'd left at 4-2 in the Happy New Weir derby.

McCann's goal versus Celtic last season.

Opening of the Wheatfield (ok, the game was poor).

Section N last year - not always everyone's cup of tea, but the atmosphere was pretty electric even on days when the game wasn't.

Atletico Madrid

Taking along 'new' fans, or folk from abroad and getting good feedback. Shows we are justified in our praise of the place.

Perhaps most importantly - The sense of being 'at home' inside the stadium in a 'this is where I belong' sense, especially given that i've had (and am currently on) extended spells where I haven't been going to games. That is irreplaceable, so please Robinson, make any decisions very carefully, not based on greed but secure long term planning.

granite jambo

1974/75 v dundee, scottish cup, this game has always stuck in my mind. it finished 1-1, we played in a red & white striped kit that day, which were the earl of rosebury colours,( can anyone explain?). Tommy Murray scored our goal that day in front of 27,000 fans. sadly we lost the replay 2-3 at dens.

1978 v Rangers, we were 2-0 up and cruising, rangers pulled it back to 2-2, we were all expecting the obvious, (rangers to cruise to victory) when up popped big derek o 'conner to head in the winner. Malky Robertson scored one the goals cant remember who got the other.

4-0 v motherwell scottish cup late 80's, of rain, what a performance. robbo,colquhoun, & crabbe were awsome that day.

the Cat 2

23 March 1991 (thanks to Davy Allan)

Hearts 3 The Vermin 1.

I still have a newspaper cutting in an old s****book somewhere which reads ' if Hibs had not had a goalkeeper of the calibre of Andy Goram between the sticks they would have suffered their most embarrasing 90 minutes ever '.

After a dullish first half we came out for the second and were absolutely magnificent. Due to Goram hibs got off lightly only conceeding three. The best goalkeeping display I'll likely ever see.

He made two saves from Scott Crabbe that were almost unsavable and got a standing ovation from the shed at the final whistle.

When the shed started to sing ' there's only one Andy Goram ' he turned round like he thought that we were extracting the urine but he soon realised that we weren't and clapped us back.

If only John Burridge had been in goals for them that day - we would have scored 10.

Francis Albert

Originally posted by granite jambo
1974/75 v dundee, scottish cup, this game has always stuck in my mind. it finished 1-1, we played in a red & white striped kit that day, which were the earl of rosebury colours,( can anyone explain?).

I think this was this the candystripe pink and white strip that was the second strip for a long time - which was I think revived briefly around the time you mention. The 5th Earl of Rosebery, Archibald Primrose, was Honorary President of Hearts (and the SFA) in the early years of the 20th century. The strip was in his racing colours.
Another bit of history worth reviving? - it was a bit more distinctive than most of the change strips we've come up with.


My favourite Tynecastle memory... you wanting my life story?

To be honest, my favourite was the Ricardo Fuller goal against Motherwell. Watching the elegent player skip past two, going through the middle, and not being able to tell if he'd squeese through. Then, one on one with goalkeeper Stevie Woods, he took it past him, and due to the pillars in the Main Stand - god bless them - I could not see him use his foot to smash the ball home with men on the line tracking back.

That good enough?

Colin M

it's still to come - the first game there next season!

Worcester Jambo

my favourite moments at Tynie:

Scott crabbe's 1st minute goal to beat rangers

Beating Hibs 3-0 - andy goram getting man of the match!

Coming back from 1-0 down at HT to beat Celtic 3-1 about 13 years ago

4-2 v rangers - Dave macpherson running at goal!

Austin McCann beating celtic in the last minute

granite jambo

Originally posted by Francis Albert
I think this was this the candystripe pink and white strip that was the second strip for a long time - which was I think revived briefly around the time you mention. The 5th Earl of Rosebery, Archibald Primrose, was Honorary President of Hearts (and the SFA) in the early years of the 20th century. The strip was in his racing colours.
Another bit of history worth reviving? - it was a bit more distinctive than most of the change strips we've come up with.

Thanks for clearing that one up Francis. I would love to see that strip worn again by the hearts, would beat any of todays efforts hands down.


Lokomotiv Leipzig game, the great East German hopes won 2-0 in East Germany and if I am not mistaken the correct score was 5-2 at Tynie. I thumbed a lift from Inverness to Edinburgh to watch the game, thumbed it home the next day, wife was just about to have a baby.......great night.
Even better was watching the cup come home down Gorgie road and Robbo taking the cup outside to wave it to the fans, much appreciated and it brought a tear to a glass eye.
The 4-2 stuffing of Rangers in the cup, wicked, we watched it from a guys flat in Gorgie road, there was about eight of us fighting over the window to watch the game, the other option was watching it on Sky in the same room, cheers Peter Glasgow.
Another good one was stuffing Motherwell in the cup 4-1 with Robbo Crabbe and Colquhoon scoring........

Dougie Masterton

Pete, Leipzig score was 5-1.


Something which distinctly sticks in my memory is the game where Sandy Clark lost his boot , and instead of stopping , he either carried on to score , or set up Robbo , using just his sock !!!!

I can't remember the exact game but I think it was vs the huns , in either the 2-2 game described above , or the 3-2 cup game. Anyone else remember ??

Those were the days

Also remember Gary Mackay rasping the ball into the postage stamp window of the pie stand !!!

Top quality.

tynie terror

Yes, Sandy clark lost his boot and still scored. It was the 3-2 game against the huns


cheers dougie, must have been drunker than i thought, great night though, another memory after the leipzig game was getting a lift in a van delivering pint tumblers to hotels in Pitlochry on the way home, stuck with him as i thought it was better than trying to thumb it back up the road with a massive hangover.

as Jordan said..........mamories are made of this........


tynie terror
Thanks for confirming mate.

Don't know why , it's just something which stuck in the memory.

Was only a nipper at the time and will never forget the atmosphere at that game. Was really something special.

Money can't buy some of the memories which we've been lucky enough to experience , and be a part of.

The highs and the lows !!!


it was a very wet night
Not my most significant but one of those memorable nights!

Years ago, before the Gorgie Road end was redeveloped.
It was hammering down with rain and we were playing Celtic in a midweek game [Scottish cup??] In those days you may remember the Gorgie Road end had no roof and 'bucket' seats on the open terrace.
Heart of Midlothian in their infinite wisdom gave the Cetic fans a luminous yellow foam cushion to sit on! [soap may have been better but ........]
Within minutes of the game a number of these cushions had been fired onto the pitch. After a while, some member of the 'bhoys NOT against bigotry brigade' converted his cushion into a cross shape. Within minutes the remaining cushions were all converted into luminous yellow crosses behind Bonners goa!!
2500 yellow crosses glowing in the dark, bizarre sight.
Looked like a KKK meeting.
This unfortunately increased the sectarian bile coming from that end.

I believe they won with some dodgy decision that night as well.

Iain Harley

4-1 versus Burnley

tynie terror

Yes Iain, that was a great night - the Texaco Cup was a good competition while it lasted.


One of my top memories was a game against Motherwell, sometime in the mid to late 80s, when we beat them 4-0 on a day when the rain absolutely bucketed down.

The forward line was Colquhoun, Crabbe and Robertson, and all three of them scored that day. Colquhoun's goal was a cracker, if I remember correctly he picked the ball up midway in his own half and ran all the way, beating a couple of men along the way. Not sure why that one sticks in my memory, but it just does.

Obviously all the others (
1-0 Bayern,
3-2 and
5-1 Hibs,
3-2 and
4-2 Rangers, etc) are special as well.

Paisley Jambo

Lots of very fond memories which I count myself lucky to have. Robbo v Hibs in first derby back in Premier League.

Many victories over Hibs and Old Firm in front of 27 000 crowds.

My favourite will be last Saturday v.Partick, not for the game, but my four year old son's first trip to Tynecastle. Along with my Dad made three generations of Hearts fans.

Very proud

dave mclaren

John Robertson breaking Hearts scoring record against Rangers in May 1997 had me in tears - when will we see his likes again?

Ronald Ford

Originally posted by Francis Albert I think this was this the candystripe pink and white strip that was the second strip for a long time - which was I think revived briefly around the time you mention. The 5th Earl of Rosebery, Archibald Primrose, was Honorary President of Hearts (and the SFA) in the early years of the 20th century. The strip was in his racing colours. Another bit of history worth reviving? - it was a bit more distinctive than most of the change strips we've come up with.

- No, not the case. I'm sure the strip worn that day was a wider striped (3“ ?) similar to Athletico Madrid, but I can't recall if it was red or Maroon stripes? It was similar to the famous 'Texaco cup final ' strip, but this one had striped sleeves, whereas the Texaco strip had all white sleeves...

Don't remember them wearing this strip many other times, but there was an even wider panel M/W striped change strip for one season a few years later.

Definitely not the candy striped shirt though. Since they originally wore it in the 50's / early 60's, its only made a re-appearance in variations for two (maybe 3?) seasons over 30 years.

Ann O'Rack. (I'll get my coat..!)

Graham Torrance

Has to be Hearts v Celtic under Jordan.

3-1 win with the boss, Wright and Crabbe scoring.

The legend Henry with a match winning save from Tommy Coyne's header when we were 1-0 down.

The shed was immense that day. I ended up 12 steps in front of when I started when Wright scored!!!


perhaps I'm deliberately not looking for the obvious, but the game before the Scottish Cup Final, last game of a memorable, brilliant and brave League campaign, beating Dunfermline 2 - 0, at the end the players linked hands and sang the Hearts song in front of about 15.000 fans.

The players really believed they were going to win the Cup Final, and I very nearly did too.


Earliest ones. Getting Orange juice and Wagon wheels over the wall.

Running around to the goal we were attacking at half-time.

Texaco cup run. First time I was allowed to go to games on my own.

The corrugated iron 'toilets'


Earliest games.

Beating Airdrie (with the 2 Drews in their team) 5-2 in the league. Though my initial memory was it was 5-3 in the LC Section game.

Burnley and Wolves in the Texaco Cup.

Drew Busby's Header against Killie in Scottish Cup game Jan 1975 rearranged after Saturday game was postponed.

Rab Prentice running from halfway and putting the ball OVER the bar against Dundee.

4-1 after the 7-0

Being in the only free space in 37,000 at the Derby on 1st Jan 1975 due to my 'illness' as a result of my first hogmanay with a bottle of vodka.

Leipzeig and Hamburg in CWC 76


1968 Scottish cup replay against rangers DONALD FORDS injury time winner i think the crowd was around 42000

tysonhmfc Spitting on Paul McStay the game they beat us 3-1 (Coyne hat-trick), whilst watching the highlights the next day I spotted it on the coverage of the game. I got a thick ear for that.

Glyn Sodins free kick Vs Slavia Prague
spennyboy Colin Miller's wicked free-kick against Rangers in the 4-2 Scottish Cup win.


the wave of bodies in the shed efter Fergies free kick bulged the onion bag Vs Bayern. (gled i was standin in FRONT of the crush barrier!)

Or there was Glynn Snodins 150 yard free kick in the 4-2 Slavia Prague match. That was a belter. Atmosphere was electric.


Sun 20 Oct 1996 Hearts 2 Celtic 2

Dave McPherson's last minute header





Going absolutely mental when we scored the 4th in the 4-2 game vs the Huns.

When the Unwashed equalised I thought that was it, here we go again. Then Robbo put us back in front and the wee bum cheeks were going like the clappers.

Then Donkey went on his mazy, skinned half the Rangers team, got to the byeline, turned round to head back up the pitch, took it past another and set up Kevin "Got any gear?" Thomas for a wonderful celebration. Best game of my life.

Sure we done them in the league at Tynie not long after as well.

Yeah that was the same game I was talking about with Colin Miller's free-kick.

One of the best games ever at Tynie. It's one of the 'where were you when...' bits of history.

I taped the match so I could watch it when I got home. I remember Terry Butcher, who was commentating, saying there was a guy in Bolton (I think) who had an accumulator and needed this game to be 2-2 to win something like £250,000.

When Robbo scored the 3rd, Butcher's comment was "Was that a shotgun going off in Bolton?".

Also seem to remember Sky viewers voting it match of the season and that included the Premiership games as well.

  Has to be Fergie's freekick. The shed went absolutely MENTAL. I took me 20 minutes to find my mate who had been standing right next to me.

Oh happy days!!!

jim.robertson spennyboy wrote:
Colin Miller's wicked free-kick against Rangers in the 4-2 Scottish Cup win.

I watched that game in the pub over here, at that time FSW were showing live Scottish games every week.

But did the Rangers' wall not just jump in the air and him stick it in along the ground?

Anyways, a Donald Ford injury time winner against the Hun at Tynie in a Scottish Cup replay, back sometime in nineteen canteen.

brian potter Sat 3 Sept 83
Hearts 3 H**s 2
Great game
Terrible Trio
Stuttgart Game for atmosphere, and Quitongo 95th minute equaliser against Celtic...almost tore my voice box!

Other than that, Tynie during the 80's as a kid, singing 'Henry, gie us a wave'!


tysonhmfc wrote:
Spitting on Paul McStay the game they beat us 3-1 (Coyne hat-trick), whilst watching the highlights the next day I spotted it on the coverage of the game. I got a thick ear for that

could you give us a commentary please


Me - I might be on telly just now! (uh-oh it might be where I spat on McStay) Mum - Ya dirty Little ****!!!!! [slap right on the lug]

Me - OW that was sore! [drops sunday dinner]

John Cormack
Alex MacDonald`s goal v Motherwell, League Cup 1982, boys gate was the Gorgie Rd end and I got in (60p/80p) as usual the Hearts fans went absolutely apesh*t when he scored, last 10mins i think, but we had to win to gain promotion from the table and we were due them one from three months previous when they denied us promotion.
johnmitchell One of my all time faves hasd to be when we put Sellik out the scottish cup just when it looked like heading for a replay. Robbo steps up with 9 minutes left and bursts the great unwashed net and we all went wild, god I was soooo drunk that night. I would choose a Hubs game but there are too many wins over them and its second nature beating them, Its expected, not a surprise!
micole Willie (the king) Baulds last game for HEARTS at Tynie i was just a kid but i can always say i seen him play MAGIC
Gary G From the footballing side the 3-2 Derby in 83, which for me sparked the rebirth of the Hearts.

From the less savoury side, anyone remember a Derby after which Alex Cameron in the Daily Record wanted Tynecastle shut down. Think it was a 1-1 draw.

There were over a 100 arrests,this was at a time when 100 arrests was a quiet day in the OF game, no hypocrisy from the DR their then.

There was fighting in the ground 30 minutes before the game kicked off. The Hibees were in the school end up to the shed, and there was only the width of a stairway seperating the two factions. The Police were pulling bodies out all afternoon which got too much for one guy who ran on to the park to attack two PC's trying to evict somebody.

Someone also ran on to the park to have a go at the Hibs Goalie, Mike McDonald I think.

Shameful Scenes. Anyone know the date.

Benny Sat 25 Jan 1986

Robbo again Scottish Cup 3rd round? Tynecastle not long to go Walker and Big Dave McPherson go for a cross Walker drops it off Big Dave's back Robbo's on his own 2 yards out the shed erupts and our unbeating run continues.The other 2 goals in that game were special too Colin McAdam going mental after equalising and then Gary Mackay putting us 2/1 in front soon after with a calm finish and celebration towards the Shed.

Liberton Jambo Too many memories, but those that stick out:

Some time in '83, Hearts 2 'gers 2. Last minute Robbo overhead kick to equalise. Wore out the video watching that one again and again and again.

'83 Hearts 3 cabbage 2

'76 Hearts 5 Locomotiv 1

'03 Hearts 2 sellick 1

'02 Hearts 5 cabbage 1

'03 Hearts 4 cabbage 4

27th February first ever game at Tynecastle. We lost 7-1 to Dundee and went ion to lose the league championship by 0.04 of a goal..... Dundee have denied us two championships ! But the point was I was back at the next home game to see Hearts put five past Falkirk.

I was hooked on the old Tynecastle experience , the GLASS bottles of coke,the smell of hops from the brewery,the strange songs from the shed .....Derry's Walls.....what was all that about? I wondered. The kids sitting on the perimeter wall and being told by the polis to get their legs on the other side in case they got hit by the ball.

The tunnel that ran from the King George IV platform to the Gorgie Road entrance....a recipe for a disaster that never happened. Beware of pickpockets sign...the metal cup at the school end attached to a chain beside the drinking fountain (I still have that cup in the attic).

As the years went by Tynecastle changed...... fences around the pitch until Hillsborough, the half time score board went......bench seating.....the new stands...I went regularly to watch them being built and felt so proud of MY club.

And all the time I was seeing different younger faces around me,it just didnt register that every season more and more people were catching the Tynecastle bug,I knew it was happening but didnt thing anything of it because that was just the way it always had been.....before me and I assumed after me.

Does anyone seriously expect kids in the future to attend an empty Murrayfield,devoid of atmosphere,passion, history and tradition and embark on the 40 year love affair I found myself thrown into ?

Please, if there is anything you can do that you already havent done to Save Hearts now is the time to do it!

Willins I too remember my first game! A 2-1 loss to aberdeen and i was gutted even though i didnt really support hearts properly at the time!

i HOPE we can stay at tynecastle for many more years so i too can witness all these changes that are yet to take place!

I remember my first game in 1998. The QF against Ayr. My dad was at that time a police officer and was not very keen on football. Eventually he gave in and let me go.He was on duty that day so i went with my friend and his dad. Tynecastle won me over and i got addicted.I was only 10 and Dad would not let me get a season tiket but he started to take me to the odd game here and there. In 2001 i got my first ST and i have sat there for the full 3 seasons plus this one and through all the ups and downs i have never regretted it. On one side of my family they are Rangers and on the other they are Celtic/Hibs. I have since converted my dad and he comes to Tynie whenever he can.
twinkle toes
RJ's post stirred some memories, so here I go.

I remember going to Davidsons Mains about 1955 on the (Southside?)Hearts Supporters bus trip with streamers out the top of the bus. Jimmy Wardhaugh was on 'our' bus and he's always been my real 'twinkle toes' hero. He and the King came to the Hearts bairns christmas party at the halls on the corner of Clerk Street near Surgeons Hall.

I went to many games and was 'lifted over' by my dad, uncle Alex or grandad. Ian Crawford lived a few stairs away in Causewayside and I even remember getting a hurl in Alex Young's black VW Beetle (No. SS 9990). I remember being nearly in tears the day my best pal Norrie and I read in the EEN in Dora Buckle's paper shop in Preston Street that Davie Mackay had been transferred to Spurs for £30,000.

The first game Norrie and I went to on our own as 8 year olds was against Queens Park. "Lift me over mister" but if you weren't in before 1.30pm you had no chance of a space on the wall. Hearts scored 9 that day with Conn, Bauld, Wardhaugh et al. What a team.

After that we sneaked into Tynecastle one day during the summer holidays when they were building the old shed. I remember them building the floodlights, bringing the Scottish Cup back in the open top bus, seeing us winning three League Cup Finals by beating Partick 5-1, Third Lanark 2-1 and Kilmarnock (even though they had an equaliser disallowed in the last minute). I just couldn't understand how we could be beaten by Benfica in the European Cup .. until they became the first team to break Real Madrid's dominance. We were that good we expected to beat anybody and were a class apart. We introduced the candy strips and 4-2-4 continental style football .. and we dominated scottish football. Inevitably that team broke up and it was an era that we have never matched since.

Great days surfaced again in 86 - 91 with the big nights against Bayern Munich etc. There have been so many memories and disappointments... I went to a cup replay at Pittodrie about 1981 with my uncle when the Hearts fans were locked out. They had given the beach end away as our buses were all running late. He was about 67 and was arrested for fighting and trying to climb over the wall. Roddy McDonald scored an own-goal in the first minute that night and I spent the night getting my old uncle released.

My grandad and my Uncle Alex' ashes scattered behind the school-end goals, family parties when the Hearts song was usually belted out by all and now my own three kids who will carry tradition on to their children (none yet).

Like everybody else, I will support Hearts FC all my life and all we expect is that the custodians to use their best endeavours to pass on our club in a better condition when the time comes. Robinson's time is over and it is time for him to go.

Benny Here's my 1st game at Tynecastle.Went with my Uncle (Falkirk supporter) and Grandfather(Hun orange) must be something about losing 7 goals.All i can remember about the match is Hearts being unlucky in the 1st half and getting gubbed the 2nd,never seen so many drunk folk in all my life at a game.I was standing on a wall,entrance to a toilet? in the Old Enclosure (section T now exit).Did Hearts get a goal chalked off that day or is it just my memory not being that good.Another memory any old fan will tell you was the Beware Of Pickpockets sign in the Gorgie End.That was the days when supporters of other teams went to games not involving their team,never happens now because of pricing.
John Findlay
My earliest memory of Tynecastle is sitting with my legs over the wall in the shed and watching the action on the pitch and seeing a team play in a white shirt with red round a round colour, black shorts and white socks. No need to decribe the other strip as it does not need describing. I have since found out via my dad and the london Hearts website that this was a Hearts v Clyde league game from December 1965 and Hearts won 4-1. My faither who I still go to matches with now(he's 67 next month) used to life me over the turnstyle.

My dad lost interst quite a bit in the 70s due to the emergence of football hooliganism and only came with me for certain games, Lokomotiv Lepzeig and SV Hamburg in the ECWC both great nights even if Hamburg did play us off the park in the second leg hammering us 1-4 but, having the satisfaction that they went onto win the competition and then sign Kevin Keegan from Liverpool at the end of that season. Like Benfica went onto winning the European cup in 1960 after knocking out the famous Heart Of Midlothian on the way.

Fine Scottish Wine I remember the school end tunnel, went through it once after a derby match and once was enough.

My first game was 5th of April 1975 Hearts 0 Clyde 1 getting beat never hampered my love for the club its ground or history and despite growing up minutes from Fester road i never felt the slightest urge to want to go there, Tynecastle and Hearts just always seemed right. I still remember the guys who walked around the ground like usherettes shouting "macaroons get your macaroons" they also sold wagon wheels and the like. And that Gorgie end scoreboard, used to stand under that when i was too young for the shed and after the games as everyone was leaving me and my mate would hang around and look for dropped badges. When i felt old enough for the shed i just loved it all the more, being in the middle of the atmosphere no matter the size of crowd although the rivers of urine trickling down the steps was a bit nasty but who really cared you were at Tynecastle singing in the shed with the Gorgie Boys, hell never mind just saving Tynecastle bring back the shed also.

I wonder where CPR the Hearts fan stood when he was young. Probably as far from the atmosphere as possible if anywhere at all, maybe that is why he finds selling Tynecastle so easy.

Pivotmember80to86 Mine is, cos i`ve got a sick sense of humour, the aforementioned M/well game,and the fans in the shed were doing the cops stylie and the hats were going and all sorts. It kicked off again and I got caught up in it and fell down to several boots in the coupon and body and as I was wearing a black jumper....

they thought I was a busy !! "Ouch , no the face !!!" 
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