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Saturday 3rd September 1983 - "A Star Is Born"

Little did we know that the 3rd September 1983 would be the ‘start of an Era’? Since that match 25 years ago the name ‘John Robertson’ and the numbers 17, 22 and 27 have become indelibly associated with the Edinburgh Derby fixture. I knew I was watching someone special when ‘Robbo’ marked his ‘Derby Debut’ with 2 goals. Just how successful he and the team would become in ‘The Derby’ over the next 15 years or so we could never have dreamed of.

The bare facts still make astonishing reading:

From the period of his first Derby appearance (Sep 3rd 1983) to his last (April 11th 1998). There were 61 competitive Derbies; Hearts winning 29, with 24 draws and 8 losses. That period included unbeaten runs of 17 and 22 games. John scored 27 goals over that period with the next highest scorers being Sandy Clark with 7, John Colquhoun with 5. Hibs had 3 players who scored 4 goals over the same period, Keith Wright, Joe McBride and Micky Weir.

John appeared in 55 of the fixtures, Gary MacKay in 52 and Henry Smith in 42. Hibs best was Gordon Hunter with 36.

The goals in that first game have become the stuff of legend. The lack of TV coverage means that the visualisation of the goals only exists in the minds of those who were there that day. As you can see from the memories below some of it has become blurred by the mists of time.

Davy Allan 3rd September 2008

In the words of John Robertson
1st goal
"Without doubt my best derby goal and the added bonus of being my first ever premier league goal.
It was a long kick from Henry Smith that I was lucky enough to take down in one touch over my right shoulder.
I managed to turn inside Arthur Duncan by nut megging him and was then faced with Jackie MacNamara (snr) I slipped it through his legs too and then thought I would try and curl it left footed towards the far top corner where to my and Hearts fans delight it floated in just clipping the underside of the bar en route.
The next minute or so was and still is a blur as I went mental!!!!"
2nd goal
We had just gone behind to Hibs for the second time and I remember chasing through a slightly over hit pass from Donald Park and was chasing Ally Brazil I took a chance he was going to pass it back to the keeper and exactly to plan/luck he did so under hitting it and allowing me to get there just in front of Alan Rough and I remember hammering it with my right foot goal wards Rough managed to get something on it which slowed it down taking it an eternity to sneak over the line despite a last ditch attempt by MacNamara followed again by mayhem
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jambonian Yes, I was at that match and if memory serves me right, we lost 3-0 to Rangers the Wed night after it in the League Cup group sections then beat Rangers at Tynie 3-1 on the Saturday. The Hibs game was the start of a 17 game unbeaten run against them (83-87) this was before the run of 22 in a row that everyone remembers from 89-94. Bit of info for everyone - between 1983 and 1994, Hibs only beat us 3 times out of 46 games with Hearts winning 22 of them with 21 draws.
JamboRobbo I was just a wee boy. Can just about remember the match, remember Robbos winner, but the biggest thing that sticks in my mind was the mass of people walking along gorgie road towards haymarket after the match. It was just a sea of people singing and celebrating. I'd never seen anything like it in my life.
adamant It was the day before my 14th birthday. It was also the first time my old fellah had let me go to a derby "on my own". (Although I met up with him in our usual spot behind the goal).

I'd never known Tynecastle to erupt like that when Robbo scored in all my life. My old man had been going on and on about a special kid who was supposed to be coming through for months. That day will live with me forever, not just for Robbo's goal, but for seeing the joy on my old man's face.

A very special memory.

Goldenboy That was my first derby game (wasn't allowed to go before that) and I haven't missed one since.

I remember walking in via the Wheatfield turnstiles and making my way to the turn of the shed with the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. As soon as I took my place I started singing my heart out. The place was rocking. to be honest the game itself is a bit of a blur but I clearly remember Robbo's second and of course when big JB scored that header I was going mental along with everyone else.

Great memories.

Forza Cuore Long time ago and the memory isn't great, but this was my first ever Derby match.

Traveled into Roseburn on the bus from Livingston with my older brother and his mate from school, Owen.

Walking round to Tynecastle was a real eye opener we'd never experienced at close hand hatred like that before. Hibs fans walking along one side of Russell Road and Jambos on the other ....hurling abuse and the odd punch.

The match itself is a bit of a haze ...a lot of bouncing and swaying as we stood just beside the shed...not quite brave enough at that stage to join in with the Gorgie Aggro chants. My only real clear recollection of the match is Jimmy Bone's winning goal and the absolute pandemonium that erupted.

Sure we probably gave the Top Deck of the SMT number 17 to Bathgate a splendid rendition of all the songs we'd picked up on the way home too.

As they say ...Happy Days!

CJGJ Memories from the shed
toe poke/ scalffed shot that seemed to take ages to roll into the net

cut inside from right to left and then bent left foot shot into top corner

cross and diving header from JB


Jambo1874 Like many others, this was my first derby match. My dad actually wouldn't let me go as he thought it was too dangerous, but I went anyway (a pattern that would be repeated throughout the season until he just gave up ).

I went with a guy from school and we sat on the benches next to the shed. we probably spent as much time watching the shed as watching the match, the noise and colour was amazing. we made a vow to be in there for the next 'big' game.

I'll never forget the celebrations for hearts 3rd goal. I'd quite literally never been involved in anything like it. It was so difficult to pretend to my dad I hadn't been at the game when he was telling me about it that night!

I had only been going to games since January of that year and this was the first time I realised just how good it could be.

I've still got the Gilzean cartoon somewhere.

HillmanHearts Stood in the old enclosure with my mates as usual. Sun was shining. Robbo's two equalisers and it's 2 - 2. Then Robbo gets the ball sends a great pass out to the wing to wee Parky who looks up and delivers a great cross. Jimmy Bone rises like a salmon - and time stands still as he hangs in the air and we hold our breath before he heads the ball majestically into the back of the net and the place goes ballistic. My other memory from that day was that UB40's Red Red Wine was played over the PA and I went on my first foreign holiday with my mates that night (to Majorca). Great Day !
Boof My first and favouritest (that I've been to in person) derby.
The stunned disbelief when we went 2-1 down.
Robbo's second equaliser...the stuff of (wet) dreams.
And Jimmy Bone. Jimmy Bone. Jimmy effin' Bone!! Definitely a time stand still moment.
The Shed was the place to be - not far from where that colour photo was taken.

And what a night in Bentley's afterwards ...truly marvelous.

boabster Absolute belter of a day.

Out in the Grassmarket from 11.

Taxi to the game.

Gutted when they scored first ( big gordon Rae if I remember ).

Robbo's first goal.

Gutted again when they scored.

Robbo's classic curling shot past the glakit fat jakey.

Auld Jimmy's headed winner.


Feeling like half the shed was collapsing on top of me.

The look on their faces on the way out and all along Gorgie Road as we ripped them.

Little did they know it was the start of almost 2 decades of utter reamings for them at the hands of the big team.

Brilliant memories of a fantastic day.

japanjambo Was behind the goals in the school end. Packed in like sardines. Had a super view of wee Robbo's peach of a second goal, with Roughie clawing at thin air. Then everybody going *tonto* when big Jimmy stuck the winner in with that header! Absolutely brilliant! I remember going out that night and rubbing it into this Hibby I knew. He definitely couldn't take it! Hee.
Shaggy2 I remember at 2-2 suggesting to my cousin that if Hearts scored again the old stand (where we were) would probably fall down. We did, it never and I remember dancing with my cousin before being bear hugged by my old man and just as vigorously by Alan Owenson (who is about half my old man's size!)

I also spoke with Bert Renton at the tail end of last year. He was Hearts official photographer in the 80's and he told me that, in one shot, he caught a policeman cheering the third goal which was printed in the programme, presumably v Rangers the next week. Bert was apparently told the cop got a wee ticking off for this from the match chief.

Anyway a few weeks later he got a tap on the shoulder and this copper says "Are you the guy who takes the photos for the programme?"

Thinking he was in serious bother he said he was but stressed he had no input over which pics they chose to publish. A big grin then appeared on the cop's face and he told Bert not to worry and asked for 5 copies of the pic for family in Australia!!!

I have some of Bert's negatives from those days and I look forward to coming across this if it is in the box (which is seriously mixed up by the way).

stevie I was stood just behind the goals half way up the terrace,it was my first derby match.
I will never forget robbos second goal as the ball trundled painfully towards the goal and eventually over the line,the look on alan roughs and ally brazils faces was brilliant.
Jimmy bones bullet header to seal the points. Remains one of my favourite all time derby matches.
Rogue Trooper I can still see, in slow motion, JB rising to bullet the header into the net.

Henry made some cracking saves that day too.

Possibly my best memory of Hearts (I emigrated 1993).

flecktimus I was at the game but all I can remember is Robbos 2and goal.

I can remember tynie going ballistic. I think that it may have had something to do with not winning very often in the 70sIn fact I am going to the London web site as it may have been the first time we had beat them since the 4 - 1 game.(I was there too )

bighalders I was a ball boy at this game, one of our first having got back in to premier league. I got pelters from the green brigade including pies, coins, spit and threats of violence (I was only 13) but took great delight in telling them all in no uncertain terms to get it right up them at full time, absolute magic
Jocam2325 My memory suggests it was a ally sunny day. It was one of my first derby games. Went with my dad and we stood on the terrace behind the goal under the floodlight.
I remember being so ecstatic when Robbo scored that I could barely stop the tears. (I was only 12). I had to blame the tears on hayfever to hide my own embarrassment.
Thinking back to those times, that was where my love of Hearts came from. Despite the best efforts of Romanov that will never leave me.

Robbo, Legend.

Peter Olivers Army I remember the anticipation of that game was immense.

We had just won our opener at Muirton, they had lost at home to the 'tic.

For once, in a derby, we felt real confidence surging through us but for us to be down a goal at half-time wasn't in the script. It was strange though because I still felt a confidence that was to continue to the present day.

Bone's goal was amazing, it really was like the world had gone into slow motion and Roughy's sick as hell face was a picture. Jimmy was given a great ovation when he was subbed by Willie Johnston who proceeded to take the pish out of old 'auto-eyes' Alan Sneddon.

Wee postscript. Both Hibs' goals were scored by players who have played for us. Willie Irvine & Ralph Callachan.

jambonian It's amazing how it was a lot of Hearts fans' first derby match cos it was mine too! Same as a lot of Jambos on here, I wasn't allowed to go. My Dad said it was far too dangerous. I told him I wasn't going to go and was going to St James' Centre to meet up with a load of my punk mates, I actually did go there but there was afew going along to the game so I couldn't resist, glad i went though, would've hated to miss out on that game and that atmosphere!!
Imeantasong My last derby as a teenybopper.

Possibly the first at Tynie with segregation?

Remember all our goals and bedlam. Don't remember anything about their goals.

Hadn't had much to celebrate against them in the previous decade (was at 4-1 1973 though).

I think we realised things were finally on the up after many years in the doldrums.

I can imagine we would be peshed after it, because it was a Saturday and we'd be peshed anyway, just not as loud with it

Colonel Kurtz Unfortunately I was stuck in the Hibs end,it was a bit taught
I have The Scotsman photo from the Monday after the match of the aftermath of Robbos goal taken from the Gorgie Road end.
You can actually recognise some faces
  i had left school a couple of months before and began working in a print finishers at thorntree industrial estate,bottom of easter road.....i knew all about the derby coming up,because i took the pages of all the programmes for the match,off the big guillotine page cropper machine thing for weeks beforehand.......

the final result was the turnover of a hobo dominance of many seasons standing.....league,east of scotland shield these days hearts were def the underdog,and i felt it keenly living in east ednboro.

im sure there was 32000 quoted at the game that day,and it was a top day rammed,with great weather. i was right behind 2 of the goals,and believe when i say there AINT anything that can beat these days at tynie and easter road on the terracing.....

that game and when we started having them regularly,home and away,it was a few beers and total chaos on the terrace.


Romfordjt Was in the school end that day as the shed was pascked by the time we got there,it was looking dodgy in the first half if I remember correctly then we brought on a couple of subs who totally turned the game,I remeber it was the first major hangover I ever had that sunday morning but boy was it worth it.Just a pity they wont bring back terraces those were the days indeed
Hilary Briss My main memory was being behind the goal and getting crushed when the winner went in. I was just 12 at the time and that game has always stuck with me for sheer excitement........defo one of my favourites.
132goals1958 I was involved in meetings with an American business associate that week, and my employer at that time had assigned me to look after him that weekend. Fortunately I managed to get him a seat next to mine in the old stand. He was totally captivated by the atmosphere, and the game itself, but could not understand the tribalism as we made our way along Gorgie Road.

Incidentally the reason the game was not covered by the cameras, was due to the Edinburgh Marathon the next day, a decision described as scandalous by the late great journalist John Fairgrieve.

ginger jambo98
I remember one headline in one of the rags next day, photo of Robbo as he hit his second and the title read "He's a Capital Whizz Kid" - great reporting in those days !!
primrose This was the subject I used in "my favourite Hearts goal" a few years back on an online fanzine, and of course I had to consult London Hearts to confirm my facts. I wonder if this Zine is still online, but the name escapes me.

Found My Article
Here was the piece I did for the Fanzine on this game.

My favourite Hearts goal.

Hearts Vs Hibs 3 September 1983

Back in the Premier League and a bet.

Remember way back in 1983 when Tynecastle was no more than the current main stand and an L shaped Roof we Jambos called “ The Shed”. The terracing behind both goals were uncovered and when it rained the Hearts fans would all try to fit in the shed, while the away fans would have to sit it out in the Gorgie road end, with it’s twin tunnels and it’s Massive Heart Of Midlothian sign. As this was pre Hillsborough the pitch was surrounded by fencing, and the Shed was partly standing room with some bench seats in maroon and white sitting under the TV Gantry. As a 16-year-old Jambo who had recently started his first job, this was one of the first Hearts games I had actually paid my own money to get in to. My boss of that time was a big Hibbee and he taunted me all week about what his mighty Hibs team were going to do to us.
As we were “nothing but a first division team with, old men and a few youngsters”, and as we had just been promoted, “Hibs would show us what a Premier League team should be like”. I made 2 bets with him that week, one that we would win the derby game, and two, that Hearts would finish above Hibs in the Premier league season 83 – 84.


Tynecastle was packed with 20,000 people as Referee Mr Valentine blew his whistle for kick off. In the 11th minute Hearts went one down with Ralph Callachan a former Jambo and ex hero of mine getting the goal. After 57 minutes a legend was born, John Robertson scored his first goal for Hearts against Hibs, on this his 34th appearance for the Jambos. Disaster strikes again as Willie Irvine puts Hibs back in the lead after 65 minutes. After 70 minutes Robbo again was on target. I can still see him now 6 feet in front of me climbing on the fence at the corner of the shed soaking up the adulation of the Hearts fans. After 77 minutes my favourite goal was scored, Jimmy Bone was by this time a veteran, brought to Hearts to help the young Robbo learn his trade. A cross came over from the right and Bone headed it past the helpless Alan Rough in the Hibs goal, as Jimmy ran round behind the goals to celebrate Robbo followed him. It was the start of 17 games unbeaten against our greatest rivals. This time I was the one the fence at the corner flag. Twice coming from behind to beat Hibs, to win my bet, and to be there when the second King of Hearts was given his crown, make this my favourite goal. What happened during this game, that season and then the next 20 years was way beyond my wildest dreams.

With thanks to London Hearts for the statistical information.

Debut 4 It was nice to learn that Jimmy Bone is actually a born and bred Jambo even though he`s from Fallon.

I`m sure he enjoyed that game more than any other player that day.

Paisley Jambo First Derby and remember nearly peeing myself with excitement as we drove through.

Main memory was watching Robbo's curling shot into the top corner to equalise.

Also remember the next game a 1-1 draw at Easter Road (Robbo again) and thinking what a 5hit hole it was compared to the Tynecastle area.

Happy Days!

Vladimir's Wallet The reason it was a lot of people's first taste of the derby, including mine, was due to Edinburgh missing out on derbies for 3 or 4 years prior.

It's a distant blur on the horizon now but I do remember it was the first time I'd experienced anything like it. I can honestly say that every derby since then, and I've not missed many, doesn't even come close in terms of entertainment and atmosphere. That's including the semi final pumping!

The King had arrived!

davemclaren 25 years ago. Amazing.

Me and my mate started in Diggers where I recall talking to an old blind guy who said he was blinded by gas in WW1. Wish I knew what I knew now and I might have asked him more questions. anyway, 6 pints later and we were in the ground. I was pretty nervous as it was our first derby after coming back up and all the Hibbies I knew thought we would go straight back down.

When Hibs took the lead, twice, I was starting to believe that myself but Robbos goal set the place alight. It's still one of my favourite goals and I remember the euphoria when we won the game.

We went back to a wee bar ( now closed ) next to the Bathroom shop on Dundee Street to meet my mates girlfriend. Memories after that are vague but I can remember being refused entry to HW union in Chambers Street later on. I think we had a little too much to drink.

25 years in the top flight since then ....things aint all bad!!

Mr X I was talking about this very game with a mate of mine the other day. It's one of those games that was so special I'll remember the actual date as long as I live.

I was 13 and didn't sleep a wink the night before due to nerves and excitement. I was behind the school end goals slightly to the right and had to spend the entire match on my tip toes to see anything. Robbo's first goal was a carbon copy of the famous Dalglish goal versus Belgium. An absolute stunner. As for the second, as it trickled towards the line I was convinced that Fatty MacNamara was going to get back and clear it so I went down from my tip toes and placed my Puma Dalglish's back on the ground. A second later it was chaos and I was being battered stupid all over the place. Brilliant! Clearly I had misjudged the pace and ability of this blubbery, sweaty, walloper.

Let's pause for a minute to salute "Jackie" for this, and for his short pass back to O'Connor in '79 (my first Fester Rd derby). Clearly, he was the Zibby of his day.

As for the winner, as far as I was concerned it was from the edge of the box and that's how I recreated it whilst out playing for the next 6 months or so. To this day it remains that way in my moron brain and will forever, even if in reality it was from about 10 yards and there's nothing that will ever make me change my mind.

After the semi-final humiliation and Fozzy in the cup this is my favourite one. If I could choose one game to see highlights of it would be this game.

Utterly, wonderfully, beautifully, joyous. It's what being a Hearts fan is all about. The Hibby's really don't have a clue.

No More Heroes Was 15 at the time - I'm actually in one the photo's on London Hearts site, my Dad is in another photo and I recognise about 3 or 4 others from the photos.... anyway I got crushed to hell against the terracing barrier when the first goal went in, made my way down to the front, not long after wee Robbo curled one up & over Rough who threw himself through the air but was never getting it, me & my best mate were rolling about on the ground with about 15 other people.......made my way back up the terracing towards Dad & the place erupted into chaos when Bone nodded the winner and a sea of us plunged forward down the terracing in celebration & many were crushed but few were complaining - the cheering continued until the final whistle and long after - a great game, remarkable victory - a famous win that buried the bad old days of the seventies - Hearts were Back!
awadooningorgie2 First derby too, all I remember is Robbo's second. Seemed like a shot/lob from miles out, one of the cleverest goals I have ever seen.

How many were hooked for life that day? I know I was.

JAMBOBAR Most memorable derby day ever, started with good bevy with the pivot boys rose street followed by a good ruck with hibbys.
then a good win at tynie, a fixed odds coupon win another ruck with hibbys outside supermarket dalry a visit to police station haymarket then train home to kirkcaldy & more bevy priceless!!
japanjambo Yes, it's great to know Jimmy is a jambo. I remember when he was a guest of Off The Ball, I emailed in asking him if he enjoyed his time at Hearts..."I loved every minute of it...Hearts are my favourite team. My mum was a Hearts fan."
Morrissey1914 One of my favourite games as although first attended football match in mid 1970s had hardly been to any Derbies. My dad used to take me to both ER and Tynecastle and I was with Hibbies at this game, but I think even Hibs fans realised what a miss the Derby was after it.
bikerjambo I can remember being in the Clock Inn after the game and if my memory serves me correctly there was a Union Jack laid out on the floor with people doing the Hokey-Cokey round it!!!!!
Jambotommy Yep.
My first derby...will never forget it until the day I die.

12 years old,in the south enclosure,with my wee tammy on !!!

That was the day that "blooded" me in as a Jam Tart.

"Jimmy Bone-Jimmy Bone-Jimmy Bone"

glaikit Good nostalgia this thread. The game was the debut match for my two boys, then aged 7 and 5. We were in the school end enclosure and they were playing on some wooden boarding when they noticed their old man going berserk after Robbo's curler - we were right behind the line of flight on that one. They turned out to be quick learners - all three of us were celebrating synchronised when Bone provided his perfect finish.
LeylandJambo I will never forget it was my 18th birthday What a day best of my life if you discount kids and marriage an a that
chizzy I remember it well, I wasn't there!!

My mate's wife decided that would be the day they were getting married and I was the best man.

We had some photographs taken in our top hat and tails by a Daily Record photographer during the week and made the back page that Saturday morning!!

The Mighty Thor I was only 15 at the time and this was my first derby without my uncle taking me. I can't remember huge amounts about the game apart from starting near the top of crazy-corner and then ending up down the bottom under about 20 folk when Robbo scored that goal. I wasn't so daft at Jimmy Bone's winner.

It's up there with the Derek O'connor game at Fester Road as my favourite derby for atmosphere.

STITCH@PIVOT Thank F*** someone else was enjoying the real derby day experience with me. I was beginning to think I had dreamt the the whole day. I don't think we'd played Hibs for a couple of season due to relegation so it was the first derby for ages (and wasn't televised!!!)

We (the PIVOT) started off in Scotts (Rose St. ) before going into Elders (I think) to "meet" (read paggir) the Hibby's. I got about 3 feet (1 metre to you youngsters) into the pub when I got smashed in the face with one of those wee bar stools (and I don't mean a wee Hibby ****e..... come to think of it !!! ) anyway, I was up at A&E getting stitches before a ball was kicked and missed the start of the game.) Elders got wrecked, Pivot won, Hearts won, the good times were back on and off the pitch and the whole domination of this fixture has continued ever since.

Believe me, when you grew up in Jocks Lodge in the 70's it wasn't easy being a Hearts fan. This to me, was the game, the turning point against Hibs, that Hearts returned to being the Edinburgh's No. 1 team.

Ah memories.

Lorimers,what a beer!!No good without floaters!!

Shorty only got the bar stool on his napper cos i pushed him in first !!Ps, we started off in Olivers and went past Elders(which became scotts later after the refurb it needed after we were done in there!!)There was only 4 pivot boys ( 5 to start with!! ha ha!) in that boozer that day against a whole pub of hibbies,boy was it sore,but hey ho we came out on top!!Then it got really nasty at the Haymarket and Dalry!Got run over by a car too!!Still Stitch still made KO after some smart piece of sutchering buy the A & E staff.Lucky it was not at 3 am !! The 4 that made it in and out know who they are,eh lads?
The 5th has made his point!!Lucky big Paul B pulled him out!

portyhmfc Great day - sun shining, there was a wee squarehole to the right of the shed and the sun was beaming through it.

I went to the game with no expectation whatsoever. At this point we didn't know that the yo yoing had stopped and we were a much better team than the vermin to beat them at this point, so the win was unexpected and celebrated long and hard afterwards.

Even better, I could get served in town by this stage so the JT's dominance over the Hobo's coincided with my early drinking career. outstanding!

Cappuccino Kid Was meant to be working a late shift that day but managed to start at 6 instead of 3. Fantastic match, still got the pink match report. Got to work at 6 smelling of drink and fortunately the older guys i worked with kept me away from our boss.
Still gutted at missing out on the post match celebrations. First derby after legally being able to drink as well. Mind Hibees i grew up with could not celebrate with a pint until they were 23.
ycj Fantastic day. 18 years old, and only seen 1 victory against that shower. (Dennis Mcquade, Derek O'Connor at Easter Road 2.1) The belief that Doddie put in the Hearts team was incredible. Robbo's goal one of the finest he's scored (his words). Big Jimmy Bone's bullet header to win the match, and ramming it up the Hibby's after the match.
Today there is no goal scorer like Robbo, no Jardine or Alex Macdonald my favourite ever Hearts boss, but one thing never changes, the feeling of beating that mob.
Korky442 Think I might be the guy with the silly "Rubettes" hat on in the crowd pic. Looks like it was taken from next to the old Pie stand at the school end where we always used to stand (Chizzy, you'll remember ?). Think I know the two guys at the bottom left hand corner as well, Dave White and Iain Mackenzie.

Don't remember to much of the specifics of the game, other than Robbo rapping in two goals and knowing we had a true star in the making.

Glamorgan Jambo

My all time favourite derby and one of my favourite Hearts games ever. Up until then I'd seen mostly Hibs wins and the odd draw in the derby (my first derby was the Pat Stanton extra day offside equaliser match). It was a great win, hearts were definitely back, a legend was born, and the oh so confident Hibees had it rammed right up them as they say.

PS Thanks also to London Hearts for answering another question that nagged me for a while today. Having just turned my Evening News Hearts legends calendar to September there's a photo of Willie Gibson scoring a pen at ER in March 1979. You can only see the back of our number 4, but it gave me the shivers, and a quick check on the LH website confirms that it is in fact the much hated (and frequently booed) John Craig.

Cobblers It wasn't my first derby but it sticks in the mind because in almost all the derbies I can remember beforehand we either lost or we're robbed of a win by some dodgy referee.

Certainly marked a change in fortunes. If someone had told me at before the game how much we would dominate Hibs in games after this one I would have never believed them.

Bomber Harris Definitely no camera strike, the big hoo haa was that the Glasgow "Old Firm" game and the Dundee Derby were covered that weekend.
I've got highlights from the St. Mirren game 0-1, that game was at the end of September, TV missed out on the Hibs (3-2) AND the Rangers (3-1) games at Tynecastle.

Although there was a healthy rumour that Hearts had a cameraman up in the gantry that day and was filming the game for Macdonald and Jardine for training purposes, whether that is true or not, who knows?

Pilmuir It was a classic right enough. That Hearts team had real charachter and it was the start of a golden time for us. I remember vividly the goals Hearts scored. I was watching from the old enclosure that day.

How badly do we need a Robbo to emerge from somewhere? Could Gary Glen be the man?


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