John 'Robbo' Robertson

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Player Nominated

John 'Robbo' Robertson

Nominated By

Kevin Robertson

Where Do You Live

Coalburn, South Lanarkshire

Why nominated

Robbo is the King of Hearts. We will never see such a prolific scorer play for the Jambos again, many have tried to be a legend like him but the dont come close.

Memorable Games

The most memorable must be for me the 3-2 game where we beat Rangers at Tynecastle. Robbo broke the goalscoring record that day twice. What a game ! I can say im one of a few thousand to see Robbo break the record. Ill never forget that.

Other Comments

To see a legend such as Robbo will live with me forever. Ill be proud to tell my kids and grandkids all about the Wee Man. The biggest compliment i will pay is naming my son after him, John Robertson.