John Cumming

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Player Nominated

John Cumming

Nominated By

Bob Riley

Where Do You Live

397 miles too far from Tynecastle (Oxford)

Why nominated

John was a very quiet unassuming guy it seemed, shy I would say but a real grafter who got the "machine" going, usually played left half, buggered if I know what you call that position now but with Dave Mackay on the opposite flank and big Freddie Glidden in the middle it was a half back line AND A HALF!

Memorable Games

No doubt about that it was the Scottish Cup Final of 1956 when we beat them other "Green Things" 3-1 at Hampden. John had sustained a cut forehead but carried on, face covered in blood and sponge in hand, and still he went up for a "header" what a man.

Other Comments

Wish we could find someone like him, Hey this is quite a fun site is it not, hope some of you Jambos get back.


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