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Marty the Hearty

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Why nominated

By far the best finisher scotland ever produced.

better than the boy who is on the telly (whats his name again) anyday.

a delight to watch and how much joy did he give us all with all those goals against the filth (its a 100 years in a row)?

Memorable Games

1st derby back up V filth 3-2 victory

Tannidice (and he's not praying)

Debut v alloa (replaced willie swettibas) at half time and from that moment on knew we had a gem cup final - although he didn't get on the park

Other Comments

realistacally, how much is a god like robbo worth now??

once asked him how he was keeping after just getting out of hospital, he looked at me as if I was daft and before he could say anything I said "yeah , I heard you were out for a walk and got knocked down by a speed boat"

my son's (born after robbo got winner v dundee utd 20/9/97) middle name(s) is John Robertson.


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