Lee Makel

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Lee Makel

Nominated By

Ron Delnevo

Where Do You Live

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Why nominated

Since I started following Hearts in 1965, the number of good PASSING midfield players we have had would not stretch the limits of one hand.

Tommy Murray was the first player I remember who was able to consistently take opponents out of the game with passes that actually reached a colleague.

It may say more about Hearts lack of quality than his own standards[cynical] but Lee Makel is the best passer of a ball we have had in 36 years.

In the last couple of seasons, when he has played well, Hearts have played well. It's no surprise that CL plays Makel when he is fit: the passing game is on Craigs Tablets of Stone.

Memorable Games

Since he toughened up a couple of years ago, he hasn't had a bad game, when fit.

Other Comments

He's only 28 so we can enjoy a few good years yet.