London Hearts Hall Of Fame

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Question Answer

Player Nominated

Jim Jefferies

Nominated By

John Findlay

Where Do You Live

Lovedean, Hants

Why nominated

I confess this is more a nomination for Jim as manager rather than player but, more than anythig because he is 100% Maroon and White.
I think most of us of a certain age will agree that JJ was not the most gifted of footballers but, he always gave 100% committment to the Hearts.
Like a lot before him he proved that good managers are not always them that were good players.

Memorable Games

Two spring to mind:
The 4-1 defeat of Hibs after that New Year's game (don't they harp on about it, still they have nothing much else) and
a League Cup game against Dundee United when JJ scored both our goals and both I swear were identical.

Other Comments

Like all Hearts supporters I just want to thank Jim and Billy for giving me my greatest weekend as a Hearts supporter in May 1998.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart and best wishes to you both where ever you end up.