Dr Knowledge

Doctor Knowledge



I've a nasty irritation that urgently needs sorting. He supports Hibernian, and keeps banging on about the past. He can't stop talking about the Hibs playing in the 1955 European Cup, as though it was some kind of major achievement. But did Aberdeen not win the 1954 League? And if so, why didn't they represent Scotland, instead of Leith's finest?

A Sufferer


Doctor Knowledge writes:

Dear Sufferer


Fear not, for instant relief is at close hand. Take half a brick, three times daily, and apply liberally to the infected area. Just for your information, however, the first ever European Cup was an invites-only affair, and not based on merit or anything like that. 50% of the invitees weren't champions of their nation (no change there then) so hopefully that will put your mind at rest. What swung it for Hibs was that they were the only team in Scotland with floodlights, which were preconditional for entry to the tournament. Should this prove not bring the desired effect, inject the fact that Hibs have never been invited to play in the European Cup-Winners' Cup, and rub it in.