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1887-05-24 East of Scotland 1-3 West of Scotland Powderhall

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Scoring Order
Opposition Team

Team East of Scotland
Opponents West of Scotland
Venue Powderhall
City Edinburgh
Country Scotland
Score 1-3
HT Score 1-1
Referee George Sneddon

Scoring Order
No Player Scores For Score Time
1 Charles Heggie Edinburgh 1-0
2 J McCall West of Scotland 1-1
3 Jack McNee West of Scotland 1-2
4 George Somerville West of Scotland 1-3

No Pos Player Club Goals Pen ogs
1 G John Tobin Hibernian
2 RB James Lundy Hibernian
3 LB George Heathcote St Bernards
4 RH James McGhee Hibernian
5 CH James McLaren Hibernian
6 LH James Hutton St Bernards
7 OR William Cox Hibernian
8 IR Willie Groves Hibernian
9 CF Charles Heggie St Bernards 1
10 IL George Smith Hibernian
11 OL Jamie Low St Bernards

No Pos Player Club Goals Pen ogs
1 G George Gillespie Queens Park
2 RB Walter Arnott Queens Park
3 LB Forbes Vale of Leven
4 RH Kelso Renton
5 CH Cherrie Queens Park
6 LH Leitch Keir Dumbarton Athletic
7 OR Alexander Hamilton Queens Park
8 IR A Berry Queens Park
9 CF J McCall Renton 1
10 IL Jack McNee Renton 1
11 OL George Somerville Queens Park 1