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Year Event
2003 Ferranti Thistle reform and beat Hibs in the Scottish Masters Cup Final.
Thistle: Thompson Allan, Adrian Sprott, Ralph Callaghan, Darren Jackson, Stevie Hancock, Victor Kasule.
Hibs: Gottskallson, McKee, Farrell, Sneddon, Tortolano, Fellinger, Evans.
2004 Hibs approach Kevin McKee, David Fellinger and Victor Kasule with the offer of first-team football.
2005 Tom McManus keeps "Most Promising Youngster" trophy having won it three years in a row.
2006 Sir Tom Farmer announces he will service Hibernian Football Club's debt by offsetting it against the GNP of a small South American Country he has acquired.
2007 Hibs appoint new Chief Executive.
2008 John Lambie appointed manager of Partick Thistle.
2009 St Johnstone win Scottish Cup, the first trophy in their history.
2010 Hearts move to Ingliston.
2011 Council proposes building of third runway at Edinburgh Airport.
2012 President Bin Laden wins re-election for second term in White House
2013 Hibs sign Mixu for another one-year contract for the eleventh year running.
2014 England announce their squad for the 2014 World Cup. It's Holland.
2015 Scottish Parliament building finally completed.
2016 Referendum abolishes Scottish Parliament, and Mary Marquis is made Queen.
2017 Bobby Williamson's contract as Hibs manager not renewed. Hibs appoint a football legend as temporary manager while Berti considers the offer.
2018 The Conservative Party returns to power after many years in the wilderness. The good news is it's not in Britain. The bad news is it's South Africa.
2019 Franck Sauzee wins his third successive German League Championship as manager of Bayern Munich.
2020 Hibs win first competitive league match under Berti Vogts.
2021 John Lambie appointed manager of Partick Thistle.
2022 Graham Weir breaks John Robertson's record of 27 goals scored against Hibernian.
2023 Spice Girls reform. No, literally re-form. Don't look, it's horrible.
2024 Berti Vogts leaves Hibs to take up England manager's job.
2025 Craig Brown joins Hibs as Technical Football Consultant.
2026 Celtic and Rangers announce that the formation of the Atlantic League is imminent. Games will be played in the Azores, the Canary Islands and Rockall.
2027 Diego Maradona tests positive for Werther's Old Originals and is disqualified from the dominoes.
2028 SFA confident that joint bid with Spain, Italy and France to host European Championships will succeed.
2029 30 years after the death of Harry Haddock, Clyde win the Scottish Cup.
2030 John Lambie passes away. A Nation Mourns. Pigeons breath sigh of relief.
2031 John Lambie appointed manager of Partick Thistle.
2032 Estonia win European Championship Final in Tallinn. SFA goes bankrupt, financially as well as morally
2033 Moon landings proved to be real. It's the earth that's fake.
2034 36 years after the last one, Hearts win the Scottish Cup.
2035 Small South American country declared bankrupt, unable to sustain Hibs' losses. Sir Tom Farmer jnr sells home and moves into the hold of the Royal Yacht Britannia.
2036 Leo Blair becomes Prime Minister.
2037 Coronation of King Leo 1st.
2038 Hearts finish bottom of the Scottish Premier League, but since Falkirk are 1st Division Champions, there's no relegation this year.
2039 Stuart Crowther bans himself from, sets up and is sectioned by his family
2040 Roy Keane says he is retiring from International Football.
2041 East Stirlingshire win the Scottish Cup.
2042 The village of Bonkle is razed to the ground.
2043 "Friends" starts its 67th series: 'The one with the plastic hip'.
2044 Paul Kane dies, is stuffed and goes on display in the Natural History Museum.
2045 New Wembley Stadium "on schedule but a little over-budget"
2046 Third Lanark reformed at Cathkin.
2047 Third Lanark win Scottish Cup.
2048 Glenn Hoddle dies and is re-incarnated as person with disability as a result of bad karma in his previous life.
2049 Loudon Wainwright VII tops the bill at Manumission
2050 the 1st Baronet de Fferguisson of the The Trafford Estaites relinquishes his control of Real Manchester Worldwide, buys St Mirren and winds them up as revenge for 1978.
2051 Hibs reach the Scottish Cup final for the first time in 50 years, losing 11-0 to Morton. "Over-reliance on flair" is blamed.
2052 Angling becomes an Olympic event.
2053 "Harry Potter and the Wheelchair of Death" wins Best Special Effect award at the BAFTAs
2054 Israel and Palestinian announce a ceasefire. The rest of the world just calls it "reloading".
2055 Hibs beat Ettrickbridge 10-0 in a pre-season friendly. The Scotsman devotes the back three pages and the supplement to The Dawn of a New Silky Football Era.
2056 David Gillespie posts his 1,000,000,000th message to Kickback.
2057 At the full time whistle, it's Auchinleck 2 Cumnock 4. Alive.
2058 Piedmont beat Saxony in the final of the European Nations' Cup.
2059 Gareth Gates seen advertising stairlifts for the elderly on afternoon telly. You get a choice of free gift, too.
2060 Scotland loses bidding for Euro Championships but accepts the Eurovision Song Contest as consolation. Three new theatres are built in Glasgow.
2061 Surveys prove that smoking cigarettes makes you live longer after all. Marlboro demands $7 trillion back.
2062 Hibs' Liquidators go into Receivership.
2063 Queen's Park win Scottish Cup
2064 Queen's Park win Scottish Cup
2065 Queen's Park win Scottish Cup
2066 Queen's Park win Scottish Cup
2067 Queen's Park win Scottish Cup
2068 Celtic and Rangers re-apply to join Scottish League.
2069 English League expands by 46 new clubs.
2070 Scottish Cup Final abandoned after 3rd replay owing to crowd violence.
2071 Panic buying as World War 3 breaks out and America is mobilised. It ends ten minutes later as Nicaragua surrenders. Italy surrenders too, just in case.
2072 England win the Ashes for the first time since 1986.
2073 Simon Pia writes anniversary piece in "The People's Friend" about Hearts fans still having nightmares about the 7-0 defeat.
2074 Heart of Midlothian's 200th Birthday. Many happy returns.
2075 "200 Years of Hibs" video released in limited edition pigs-earskin cover. "Featuring: the Famous Five! The Dryburgh Cup!! Floodlights!!!"
2076 Jimmy Hill resuscitated to present new-look "Match of the Day"
2077 "Porridge" repeats on BBC1.
2078 Wimbledon FC relocate to Aukland, New Zealand.
2079 Chick Young reports genuine exclusive.
2080 Intergalactic Cup Final: Earth 0 Mars 4. Subsequently discover that four earth players are actually Mysteron agents.
2081 Scottish referees model their new kit.
2082 Hibs 4-2 ahead going into injury time in Scottish Cup Final.
2083 Aberdeen win European Cup-Winners' Cup for the second time in their history.
2084 London Hearts' centenary.
2085 Ettrickbridge win Scottish Cup
2086 Hearts lose League by 1 goal on last day of season as Celtic beat St Mirren 32-0.
2087 78 fans arrested on Venus after crowd trouble during the England Gallifrey game.
2088 David Murray celebrates 100 years in charge of Glasgow Rangers.
2089 Following the tragic death of Tom McManus in a drive-by shooting, Hibs appoint a familiar face as manager.
2090 Rangers say "Oh, what the hell, it's all true," and celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.
2091 FA Cup stolen on eve of Final. A Cyberman's head is hurriedly used as replacement.
2092 One hundred years after John Hartson, scientists finally perfect a footballer made entirely from animal body parts.
2093 Daleks take over world and win FA Cup. Unfortunately they can't collect the trophy because of the steps. They destroy a small South American country as revenge.
2094 Sir Tom Farmer 3rd last heard of selling old space suits out of the back of a Ford Zodiac in Restalrig.
2095 Hearts beat St Bernards in final of the Irn Bru Roseberry Shield.
2096 Bob Crampsey bemoans the state of football, saying "It was far better in 2038"
2097 Since reform of House of Lords proves too difficult, House of Commons abolished instead.
2098 100 years since The Best Day Of Our Lives.
2099 "Watch yer spaceship, mister?" heard on the streets of Camlachie
2100 Dr Who returns to tackle a nasty problem.
2101 Civil Service Strollers win Scottish Cup.
2102 Hibs Win Cup! in fairground shooting gallery at Buffalo Bill's Non-Crooked Shooting Gallery at Leith Links shows
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