Willie Bauld

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Willie Bauld

Nominated By

Bob Riley

Where Do You Live

397 miles from tynecastle (oxford)

Why nominated

Elvis was NOT the king, Willie was. "Wullie" never got the recognition he deserved, he should have had many more caps for Scotland but them green jobs down the slum end had someone on the SFA selection committee and got that slouch Lawrie Reilly (can`t even spell it right!) into the Scotland shirt.

Memorable Games

Every one he played in, Wullie was a joy to watch and I am glad I witnessed his performance when he was in his prime. Can`t remember the game but I did see him once in the blue of Scotland and that was a joy although I don`t think he played particularly well that day.

Other Comments

What a heid!!!!! It was a serious shame that him and Hearts fell out, they should honour him as Man Utd have honoured Denis Law with a statue at Tynecastle to make amends for their previous screwing up!


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