Drew Busby

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Player Nominated

Drew Busby

Nominated By

Stevie Cook

Where Do You Live

Dalgety Bay

Why nominated

As a youngster the bold "Buzzbomb", Gibson & Prentice were the front line.
He gave his all and never shirked a tackle.
A true Jambo and my all time hero.
If ever I win the lottery I want King Buzz to present the cheque !

Memorable Games

Scoring two thunderbolts against Celtic at Tynie in 78.
Absolute raspers the pair of them.
Although not there - the only goal he ever scored against the vermin in the 4-1 demolition in Sep 73.
Should have been 8 my auld man tells me.
Alas it wasn't.

Other Comments

Was there the day he broke Brownlie's leg at Fester Road in the late 70's.
A classic late lunge and the ensuing mellee afterwards was a joy to behold. Long Live Drew Busby. My hero.